Marvel's Avengers Latest Patch Is Breaking The Game on PS4 and PS5

Marvel's Avengers has a new update, version 1.30, but it's one you should seriously consider before downloading.

That's because despite the patch promising "minor stability improvements and crash fixes", it actually appears to have the opposite effect – causing crashes and issues on PS4 and PS5.

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Marvel's Avengers Latest Patch Is Breaking The Game on PS4 and PS5

According to multiple users on the game's subreddit, the game crashes when selecting "Avengers Initiative" from the main menu, while others are unable to continue the campaign, too.

It appears the developer is aware of the issue, though, and is working on a fix:

It's another hurdle for the team at Crystal Dynamics, following the developer's admission that MCU-inspired skins would cost real money after initially suggesting they'd be offered as rewards.

Still, players can now buy the Super Iron Man skin in the in-game store, so that's something.

Marvel's Avengers is getting a Black Panther expansion later this year that will add Wakanda as a new biome, as well as new story content featuring Klaw. Find out everything we know here.

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