Marvel's Avengers Is Adding A Superior Iron Man Skin Next Week

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Marvel's Avengers still has its share of problems, but with the promise of Black Panther coming later this year, it would be fair to say that it's having a minor 'moment' in the public consciousness as of late.

Aside from new characters, each character on the roster has a series of unlockable (and purchasable) skins, and these offer a great chance to revisit older variants of characters from comic book history.

Next week, fans will be able to pick up the Superior Iron Man suit, which has its roots in the AXIS comic book event from 2014.

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Marvel's Avengers Is Adding A Superior Iron Man Skin Next Week

Check out the image below courtesy of Kinda Funny's Greg Miller:

In the event, the Marvel Universe was essentially inverted, turning Heroes evil and Villains good. It was undone, of course, but Tony Stark's villainous version managed to prevent changing back, causing him to become the 'Superior Iron Man'.

This silver and blue version of the Armored Avenger was kind of a d***, but his suit is awesome enough that we can look past all that.

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