Crystal Dynamics Reveals Marvel's Avengers Iron Man Endgame Skin

Crystal Dynamic announced a new Marvel’s Avengers Iron Man skin set to hit the Avengers marketplace on May 20.

The Avengers Iron Man skin is based on Iron Man’s Endgame appearance with a scarlet torso and gold-plated limb coverings, making it a big step up from the base game’s plain steel suit.

The Marvel’s Avengers Iron Man Endgame is the latest in a string of Endgame-themed skins Crystal Dynamics added, including Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Unlike the Hawkeye skin, though, fans are pretty happy with how Iron Man turned out.

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Crystal Dynamics Reveals Marvel's Avengers Iron Man Endgame Skin

“Not a re-skin, and I love that. So you'll get my money for it. Looking forward to Cap and Thor's skins,” one Twitter user wrote, referencing the game’s tendency to re-use previous appearances for new skins.

“You finally learned how to properly make heads on your $15 skins, it was about time,” was a slightly less charitable comment.

Still, the general consensus is that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix need to find a different way to let players access skins.

It’s not a new issue for Marvel’s Avengers. Shortly before the Red Room Takeover event began, some fans expressed anger over the event’s earnable rewards including minor things such as nameplates, with event-exclusive skins locked behind paywalls.

Still, the developers are continuing to tweak Marvel's Avengers to suit player needs, so a change to the skin earning/buying system is always possible.

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