Marvel's Avengers Hulk MCU skin release date confirmed

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On May 20, Marvel's Avengers will feature Hulk's Avengers: Endgame skin 'Professor Hulk.' Professor Hulk is the latest addition of MCU-inspired skins and outfits. Hawkeye and Black Widow have both received skins inspired by the outfits featured in the high-profile MCU film Avengers: Endgame.

The game's roadmap confirmed that more Avengers: Endgame skins are coming for Marvel's Avengers. It's clear that Marvel's Avengers is open to its MCU influences, with two skins already released and one on the way.


Marvel's Avengers' in-game marketplace will offer Hulk's outfit from Avengers: Endgame starting May 20. Crystal Dynamics announced the news via the PlayAvengers Twitter account. Though the developer did not specify a price, the skin is expected to cost 1400 credits, the same amount as Hawkeye and Black Widow's MCU skins.

Marvel's Avengers has the true Hulk, but they still need the other Avengers

In the Tweet, we get a glimpse of Professor Hulk's appearance from the MCU's climactic film. The outfit takes inspiration from what Hulk wore when he constructed and used the Iron Gauntlet. Bruce Banner wore this same suit while building the Iron Gauntlet to hold the Infinity Stones.

Fans have criticized certain skins released for the game, and this one is no different. The only issue is that Hulk's hair isn't completely accurate, which has angered some, but that's just about it. This latest skin is probably the closest to its MCU counterpart.


Still, Marvel's Avengers seems not to care whether the hair is accurate, like Black Widow and Hawkeye's outfits. Some fans object to Black Widow and Hawkeye's outfits having different hairstyles and have jumped on Hulk as well. As more Avengers: Endgame skins become available, players should accept that some of the hair will not accurately reflect the movie, but the rest of the skin should.

Iron Man and Captain America are the last characters to get MCU-inspired skins. Crystal Dynamics may be saving the best two skins for last because these are also the most requested. Chris Evan and Robert Downy Jr's hairstyles are legendary, so they should take care of the next one.