Marvel's Avengers Red Room Takeover Could Feature Paid Skins

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The Marvel’s Avengers event Red Room Takeover hasn’t quite started yet—that happens on May 20—but it’s causing a bit of consternation among Avengers players already.

There’s a set of skins available in the in-game shop for real money, and it’s presented as if it’s part of the Red Room Takeover event. The only rewards you can earn by playing are nameplates.


It’s not part of the event, or at least, it's not yet.

These are new skins tied to the filler missions, and there’s no indication as yet that the Red Room Takeover event skins will cost actual money.

Either way, it’s not sitting well with some fans.

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Marvel's Avengers Red Room Takeover Could Feature Paid Skins

One Reddit user complained that the least Crystal Dynamics could do is make you pay for new skins instead of just recolors.


Others were a bit more relaxed, though, saying they'd wait to see what happened once the event finally started and criticizing people for taking up their pitchforks before knowing what was going on.

Either way, it'd be a significant departure from the usual if the Red Room Takeover event makes us buy event skins. Thus far, Marvel's Avengers has done fairly well offering skins as earnable rewards.