Marvel's Avengers: How To Get The Free PS5 Upgrade

marvel's avengers

It took a while but Marvel’s Avengers has finally arrived on next-gen consoles and the game is actually a bit better now, with many fans arguing that Square Enix should have delayed it and maybe make this a launch game for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, though there’s no point crying over spilt milk at this point, though we can at least appreciate the changes made to the game.

Despite a somewhat messy launch, fans were pleased with the fact that Marvel’s Avengers has a free PS5 upgrade. So, if you bought it for Spider-Man and stuck through a number of the PS4 issues, especially for those that had a base PS4, then the wait was worth it. On PS5, the game looks and plays so much better now. and the new DLC campaigns are a nice touch.

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Marvel's Avengers: How To Get The Free PS5 Upgrade

The upgrade process isn't too tricky, but it's not immediately straightforward.

If you have a disc-based version of the game, you'll be able to insert it into your PS5. To the right of the Avengers screen on your home page, you'll find an option "PS5 Upgrade" which needs to be 'purchased' (don't worry, it's free).

This will then let you install the PS5 version – press the Options button when highlighting the Avengers icon on your home screen, and select "Game Version", then PS5.

For digital versions, the process is the same.

There are two things to note:

  • DO NOT delete the PS4 version. You'll need to open it, and use the new "Upload Save" option so you can download it on the PS5 version. If you delete it, your save won't be compatible with the PS5 version.
  • If you have the PS5 Digital Edition, you'll only be able to get the free upgrade with a digital version of the game, for obvious reasons.

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