Mario Party Superstars Contains a Mini-Game With a Unique Health Warning

Mario Party Superstars launchess on Switch later this week. Offering an expansive collection of 100 mini-games, this package updates various classic party games with a host of graphical and audio enhancements.

While most mini-games are relatively harmless, one that's been brought back was known for notoriously causing skin and health problems during the 1990s. As noted by Kotaku, Tug o’ War is being remastered in this collection and this time, it comes with a disclaimer.

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Mario Party Superstars Contains a Mini-Game With a Unique Health Warning

Tug o’ War involves a 1v3 battle against Bowser, as 3 players try to pull the rope towards their end the fastest. Previously available on the N64, users had to rotate the analogue stick very quickly. Here's a video of how the game plays:

The manoeuvre resulted in damage to hands and palms, causing many to voice their concerns at the game.

Tug o’ War was one of the two minigames chiefly responsible for complaints from parents. At the time they said their “children...had suffered cuts, punctures, blisters and friction burns on their hands because of the intense joystick movements some portions of the multiplayer N64 game require.”

Nintendo also had to issue a hotline, encouraging players to use their fingers to rotate the thumbstick:

Avoid injuries simply by manipulating the joystick with their thumb and forefinger rather than the palm of the hand.

Many users, including @KirbyCheatFurby, noticed that the reincarnated version of the notorious mini-game has a health warning. The caution encourages the same action outlined by Nintendo in the 1990s:

To avoid irritation to your skin and/or damage to the control stick, Do not rotate it with the palm of your hand.

Along with the notorious mode, a range of other fan-favorite mini-games is returning, including Pushy Penguins and Piranha’s Pursuit. Some of these can be seen in action above.

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