Lost In Random: How to Save

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Save features are an essential part of modern gaming. With a campaign lasting anywhere between 12-20 hours, Zoink's Lost in Random has plenty to keep you occupied. When you've been filling your wallet with coins or collecting storybook pages, no one wants to see their work undone.

Unfortunately, this adventure doesn't feature a manual save option, it's autosave only. If you pause, the menu only lets you choose Continue, Options or Quit, which won't save your progress since the last autosave, so you've got to be careful.


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Lost In Random: How to Save?

Thankfully, Lost In Random tells you in the top right corner when the game's saving, as seen in the screenshot below. That occurs when you've completed an objective, finished a combat encounter, gone to see Mannie Dex, or after a story cutscene. As such, the easiest means to ensure you've saved is by chatting with Mannie.


It's worth noting too that there's three save files in Lost in Random, but you can't copy an existing save file over to another slot. As such, it's recommended you do everything you need to before leaving an area, as you won't be able to return later on. Not without starting a new save entirely.