Lost In Random: How To Get Coins

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Lost in Random isn't big on collectibles. Sure, you've got the storybook pages to find, but between the Kingdom of Random's six realms, there's plenty of coins and cards for Even to find. Coins are only used for purchasing new cards, making them crucial for winning fights.

You'll want to gather as many as possible to build a strong deck, some of which are acquired through winning fights but primarily, Even must buy them from the walking card store Mannie Dex in each district. If you're looking to do this quickly, here's how to gather them:

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Lost In Random: How To Get Coins

Your main method of getting Coins is through pots, which are spread throughout Random and have a blue glow. Aim at one with Even's slingshot, wait for the crosshair to turn blue, and shoot it. Coins automatically fly over to you, no matter your distance, offering around 10 coins each. There's also find glowing blue doors only Dicey can fit through, which are rarer but offer better payouts.

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Otherwise, there's two additional means for obtaining coins, either through winning fights (which you can't grind, as they don't repeat) or completing side quests. Both usually reward over 100 coins, but how much you'll get across them isn't consistent, so keep that in mind.