Lost In Random: All Storybook Page Locations

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Lost in Random isn't a big game, though if you're looking to learn more about the wider lore of this universe, you won't want to miss finding the storybook pages. Scattered between the Kingdom of Random's six realms, they're not always the easiest things to spot. It's worth noting that once you've left to move onto the next area, you can't return back later, so make sure you've finished whatever business you have in each realm. If you're feeling a bit stuck, here's the locations for each Storybook page:

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Lost in Random - first storybook page

There's two to find within Onecroft, both located around The Harbour. After speaking with Snake Eyes, go up the ladder to your left and the first one's immediately visible. Hit the blue switch with the slingshot to move the platform, then walk over and do it again, but be careful. Should you walk into the red spotlights, Even will be sent back to the start.

Lost in Random - second storybook page

As for the second page, that's found not long after finding the first. Presuming you're still high up after taking the first page, cross on over by hitting the switch again and jump down to ground level. It's soon visible atop a pile of crates. Like before, avoid the spotlights and find a ladder at the back of said crates. Once climbed, you can walk straight over to this page.


Lost in Random - First storybook page in Two-Town

The first page is found within Two-Town's initial area. After defeating the guards to obtain the key, turn back round, but instead of going back towards the gate, a stairway also appears on your right. Go up them towards the Tower and get Dicey to stand on one switch, while you take the other. Shoot the targets on both sides (swap after shooting one) and then go over the bridge to grab it.

Lost in Random - Second storybook page in Two-Town

Two-Town's second page is in the Upside-Down Town, which Even can explore after speaking with Royam. As you begin searching for rhyme inspiration, the propaganda posters are located near a switch. Hit it with the slingshot, go back up the path you've come from, and the page is there.


Lost in Random - First storybook page in Threedom

Threedom only contains one page and thankfully, it's an easy one to nab. Right before you enter Wildcard Hill, there's a platform you'll need to step on, located near the side Quest with Ronnie Ruckus and close to Mannie Dex. Five targets soon appear, so simply shoot them all, and that unlocks the gate containing our next page.


Lost in Random - First storybook page in Fourburg

Fourburg also has a singular page, located within Four Horseman's corner. You'll find a central building (pictured above) with four blue switches scattered around it. Like before, hit them all quickly with the slingshot to unlock the next page, which is locked inside a cage on the ground.


Lost in Random - First storybook page in Fivetropolis

Just the one page again for Fivetropolis. That's found within the Visionary's Shrine, after defeating the guards who surround it. You'll be thrown into battle before meeting The Visionary and once that's complete, don't go forward just yet. Turn around to find a second path's appeared on the right, leading away from Card Maker Road. All you've got to do is walk over and grab it.


Lost in Random - First storybook page in Sixtopia

When you initially arrive in Sixtopia, you'll find yourself greeted by a cardboard city. There's nothing in this area at all (not even coin pots), so don't worry about exploring here. But there's three pages to be found afterwards. Our first page appears soon after entering the area filled with "despair crystals", and unfortunately, these areas aren't neatly categorised into districts like before.


As always, you'll encounter Mannie Dex, who's somehow made his way into Sixtopia, and if you go down the hill past Mannie on his left, it's on a ledge (pictured above), but you can't directly reach it heree. Wonder to the bottom of this hill and a battle begins, so once that's finished, there's a stairway on your right which leads to this page.

The second page doesn't appear for sometime, requiring you to cross through a series of pipes, over what looks like toxic sludge. Around where Mannie Dex shows up (again), you'll find a pit filled with enemies nearby, but don't head towards it just yet. Take the left-hand path, go up and across some more pipes, where you'll soon see it. Jump down after walking across and you've reached it.

Our third storybook page can be spotted after fighting those enemies in the previous pit. Hidden behind bars, they won't open, so take the path to your right. Soon enough, you'll get into another fight, which I won't detail to avoid spoilers, but once completed, go across the bridge arching over you. That'll lead you to the last page.

With that done, congratulations, you've found them all!