Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island - Mokoko Seeds and How to Reach

Image of a forest filled with shrubbery in Lost Ark

The world of Lost Ark is vast and expansive, and Phantom Wing Island is one of the more mysterious islands out there. This limited-time space is only accessible at certain points in the week, but the presence of four Mokoko Seeds makes it a crucial trip for seasoned players, and we're here to make the hunt for them that little bit easier.

This Lost Ark guide will go through everything you need to know about Phantom Wing Island. That includes the level requirements you need to hit before you can travel there, as well as the precise location of each Phantom Wing Island Mokoko Seed to pad out your Roster level.

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Phantom Wing Island Mokoko Seed Locations

There are four Mokoko Seeds to be found on Phantom Wing Island. Luckily, they're all quite reasonably easy to find, so seasoned Lost Ark players shouldn't encounter too much trouble.

The first Mokoko Seed is located at the easternmost point of the island. Head as far east as you can, and you'll come across a rickety wooden bridge. Simply follow it north, and the shiny yellow orb indicating a Mokoko Seed will be there.

The second Mokoko Seed is at the northernmost point of the island. It's found nestled in a patch of purple shrubbery, just in front of two huge tree roots.

Conveniently, the third and fourth Phantom Wing Island Mokoko seeds are very close to each other. They're both towards the bottom of the island, in the central-southern part.

Head to nearby the shore, around a cluster of extensive tree trunks. Both are diagonal to each other in an open patch of land surrounded by large mushrooms, so you won't miss them. Remember to look for shining yellow orbs, and the final Mokoko Seeds on Phantom Wing Island will be yours.

How Do I Get to the Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island?

The first thing to note is that Phantom Wing Island is one of the various adventure islands which only appear in Lost Ark for a limited time. As such, you'll need to make sure that the Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island is currently available in the game before you attempt to get there. There's no point in trying if it's impossible right now.

The other crucial caveat is that you need a ship to reach the coveted Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island. On top of that, you're going to need to be at least level 50 with an item level of around 250. As such, it'll take an awful lot of grinding before you can even attempt to head to Phantom Wing Island.

Next, you can head off to reach it. Phantom Wing Island is located in the Papunika continent, just north of the Eye of Hypnos at the top of the region. Keep checking your map as you progress towards it, and you won't miss it. Once you've docked your boat, explore the Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island and get collecting the Mokoko Seeds found within.

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