Lost Ark Glaivier Release Date, Skills, and Everything We Know

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April 21, 2022: The Lost Ark Glaivier release date is set for today. Once the servers are back up from their delayed maintenance, you’ll be able to make your own.

The Lost Ark Glaivier class is coming soon, Smilegate announced in a recent blog post, and it’s shaking up how martial arts classes approach the game. The Glaivier is an advanced class that specializes in two weapons, and while you might be tempted to build them around one of those, the real benefits come from using both in the right ways.

This guide covers everything we know about the Glaivier in Lost Ark so far, including when they’ll arrive in the game and what to expect from them in combat.

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When Is the Lost Ark Glaivier Release Date?

Smilegate’s blog post only mentioned the Glaivier will release sometime in April or May, alongside the Destroyer. The new update is supposed to go live around April 15, so assuming those dates don’t change, we’ll see the Glaivier make their debut sometime in April, with South Vern and a few other additions. The Destroyer is set to follow in May with some new Guardian Raids.

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What Was the Glaivier in Lost Ark's Korean Release?

The Glaivier in the Korean version of Lost Ark was called the Lance Master. From what Smilegate has shown about the Western version of the class so far, it seems nothing has changed aside from the name. The skills are the same,

Lost Ark Glaivier Guide

The Glaivier uses a spear and a glaive and switches between the Focus and Flurry stances to deal bursts of damage and unleash stronger attacks with a broad area of effect. Unlike the Gunslinger and their three stances, you’re encouraged to build around both of the Glaivier’s stances.

Smilegate said the best way to use the Glaivier is building up energy with one stance before swapping to another, as you’ll get a stat boost. How it works is still a bit uncertain, though, as is the type of stat boost you’ll obtain.

What Are the Glaivier’s Skills in Lost Ark?

The Glaivier has about 22 skills total, and they all revolve around movement and hitting your foes multiple times. Half Moon Slash, for example, sees you move forward while dragging your spear on the ground before striking several times and ending with an overhead slice. The Glaivier also gets access to a few defensive moves, such as Dragonscale Defense, which negates damage and creates an opening for you to unleash counter attacks in.

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The current skill descriptions all mention “spear” instead of spear and glaive, so we’re not yet sure whether these are just mistranslations or if the glaive stance will have its own extensive set of skills as well.

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