Lost Ark Destroyer Release Date and Build

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From the looks of current events, the Lost Ark Destroyer release date is shockingly close at hand. Set to be the first post-launch class drop, it's doubtless going to be a hot topic very soon, so we've pieced together a brief look at what we know, with the scope to talk about the best Lost Ark Destroyer build in time as well.

Before we dive into the good stuff, we just need to clarify that the current Lost Ark Destroyer release date is all but confirmed. It was, but the removal of the source material by Amazon themselves shortly after has the official plan up in the air again.

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When Is the Lost Ark Destroyer Release Date?

Following an early release of the Lost Ark roadmap, we've been led to believe that the Lost Ark Destroyer release date was originally set for next month, April 2022. By "originally," we mean that since Amazon took the post down shortly after it made waves across the internet, there's now no guarantee that the Destroyer release date is coming as early as the post made us think.

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No clarification was given to the mentioned release date specifically, meaning while it could very well stay the same, it could have been that potentially incorrect date that caused Amazon to retract the entire announcement. It could come next month, it could not. We won't know until the team elaborates on their plans.

What's the Best Lost Ark Destroyer PVE Build?

We don't know what the best Lost Ark Destroyer build for PVE will be until the class makes it into the game. It's been available on the Korean version for some time now, but given the likelihood of things changing (even ever so slightly) with the Western release, it's too easy to talk about something you can't even make use of just yet.

What's the Best Lost Ark Destroyer PVP Build?

Like the PVE build, we won't know what the best Lost Ark Destroyer PVP build will be until we can actually get some hands-on time with the new class.

Given its strong focus on slow and steady high-damage whacks, though, we suspect high critical hit rate builds with decent resistances will be best. In terms of 3v3 battles, things will likely remain the same. You'll just want to pair up with classes that can lock your opponents in place, slow them down, or help you shrug off any similar debuffs.


How Does the Lost Ark Destroyer Work?

The Lost Ark Destroyer is a melee-focused advanced class that stems from the hard-hitting Warrior. It wields a gargantuan hammer to deal slow, but powerful blows to enemies. The class uses plenty of charged attacks to deal staggeringly high damage. This requires knowing exactly when the monster has finished its own onslaught, but with great patience comes great rewards - a heavy thwack followed by a nice, big damage value.

And that's about all there is to say about the Lost Ark Destroyer right now. You could go ahead and watch a bunch of gameplay videos on YouTube from the Korean version of the class, but there's no guarantee it'll be the same once the final Western release date rolls around. Until then, collect a turtle pet with the Lost Ark Jewel Coral guide. And if you want to catch your own amphibious creatures, we can teach you how to fish in Lost Ark as well.