Lost Ark Arcanist Release Date and Best Build

The Arcanist in Lost Ark.

The Arcanist in Lost Ark.

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June 25, 2022: The Lost Ark Arcanist is finally confirmed to release in July. We'll update this build then.

It's looking increasingly likely that the Lost Ark Arcanist release date is just around the corner. That's the Lost Ark Arcana release date to those who've been following the game since its Korean release. Here's what we know.

The most interesting aspect of the Lost Ark Arcanist release date right now is that it seems to pre-date the release of the Summoner - a class that, while available in the beta, was unceremoniously swapped for the Sorcesses at the last minute.

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When Is the Lost Ark Arcanist Release Date?

Initially confirmed as one of the game's first two post-release classes, the Arcanist was quietly pushed back in favour of others.

In the June roadmap, though, it was finally revealed that the Arcanist release date has been set for July.

What Is the Best Lost Ark Arcanist Build for PVE?

Until the advanced class makes it into the game (see above for when that might be) we won't know the best Lost Ark Arcanist build for PVE. Check back closer to release. With the class being available on the Korean version of the game, we'll update this section with a speculative build once we know for certain the class hasn't been tweaked in some minor way.

What Is the Best Lost Ark Arcanist Build for PVP?

As mentioned above, we won't know the best Lost Ark Arcanist build for PVP until the new advanced class turns up. Being a mage, though, expect a support build to be the best approach. In 3v3 play, there's always the need to control your opponents, freeing up your DPS to actually do their jobs. If you can use those skills, they're likely the best choice.

What Does A Lost Ark Arcanist Do?

Simply put, the Lost Ark Arcanist uses cards to deal damage and inflict various debuffs to their targets. Some of these cards can give out helpful buffs to the team and lock opponents down as well, but the best effects essentially boil down to luck of the draw.

They have decent area damage capabilities and will work well in clearing packs of mobs with their piercing blow, but they're a luck-based class that will rarely play the same way twice. They're great for those who like to keep focused during a fight, but not great for those who get more a kick out of mashing the same few buttons comfortably.

That's about all we know about the Lost Ark Arcanist right now. There's a lot more information to glean from the Korean version of the game right now, but there's no real point taking in those details in case they're changed for the Western release. Instead, take a look at how to unlock the best skills via the Lost Ark Awakening quests, or even looking into how to get a cute pet turtle via the Lost Ark Jewel Coral guide instead.

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