Lost Ark Awakening Quests Walkthrough

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Lost Ark is a massive multiplayer online action role-playing game. In the game, you explore the seven mystical continents of Arkesia as you search for the coveted Lost Ark. As it's an MMO, you are rarely alone in your travels too.

As you follow the main storyline, you will unlock various different abilities and find numerous collectibles. If you're feeling lonely, you can get yourself a little pet that keeps you company and can be quite useful on different quests. There are multiple world bosses that you can choose to face too, with each one dropping a lot of good loot if you defeat them. However, you can make your life in the game even easier by unlocking new skills and equipping them to your character.

In this guide, we're going to show you how to unlock the Awakening Quests to get Awakening Skills, we explain what these skills are, and how many you can get your hands on.

How To Unlock the Awakening Quests

At the moment, we know of two Awakening Quests that will reward you with Awakening Skills. Here's how to unlock them and what you have to do to complete them.

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Awakening Skill One

Awakening Skills are only available to you once your character reaches level 50 in the game. You then need to continue on the main story quest to Vern City. Here, Beatrice tells you to visit her in Trixion. Once you have received this message, you need to open up your Song Sheet. Play the "Song of Trixion" and this will tell you exactly where you need to meet Beatrice. When you eventually find her, she will give you the first Awakening Quest.

After you complete these quests, Beatrice will give you the Heavenly Blessings Skill and Alithanes's Awakening Skill. You need to open your mailbox and consume the items in there to fully unlock these skills.

Awakening Skill Two

To unlock the next Awakening Skill, you need to head to Roheldel. You need to go to the Queen's Garden and pick up a mysterious letter to begin the quest. After this, you will need to embark on several different quests to get the skill. So far, we know that they are the purple quests, yellow quests in Facility X-301, and some quests on Twilight Island. Eventually, you should be able to speak to Allegro in Promise Isle to get the skill.

After you speak to Allegro, open your mailbox and consume the items in there. You will then have access to your second Awakening Skill.

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What Are Awakening Skills?

Awakening Skills are extremely powerful skills that you can equip to your character. They are labelled as advanced skills which makes sense as you need to be level 50 before you have a chance at finding them. To use one of your Awakening Skills, your character needs to consume a Chaos Piece. They can be bought from merchants in Arkesia.

How Many Awakening Skills Are There?

Each character Class can have two Awakening Skills. You can collect both skills, but you can only equip one at a time. However, it is still worth finding them both because you then have a choice.

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