Loop Hero Inventory: How to Remove Gear Items From Inventory

You’ll earn a lot of gear while fighting around Loop Hero’s circular dungeons. Your inventory will likely fill up in no time, at which point you will need to know how inventory management works in the game. To help you out we’ve put together this guide on removing gear items from your inventory in Loop Hero. We’ll take a look at what happens when your inventory gets full, how to remove items and more.

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Loop Hero Inventory Management

Inventory Management can be one of the harder aspects to wrap your head around in Loop Hero. You’ll earn new gear constantly as you fight, and unless you take the time to stop and plan, it’s likely you’ll miss out on running the best build you can at the time. Make sure you enter planning stage at the end of each fight and hover over items with your mouse, this will give you a better idea of what each gear piece offers.

What Happens Once Your Inventory is Full?

Once your inventory is full in Loop Hero the next piece of gear you earn will push the gear at the bottom right slot of your inventory out. This will turn the old gear into Scrap Metal. You can read more about farming Scrap Metal in Loop Hero here.

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How to Remove Items From Inventory

There’s no way to remove items from your inventory, though there are ways you can make sure you’re freeing up space when swapping in a new piece of gear. Say you just received a new sword you intend to use, to clear out space you should place down any weapons you don’t want in the main slot first. You can then place down the new sword, freeing up multiple spaces at once.  Everytime you intend to equip a new piece of gear, look for lower rated gear to swap in first if you’re looking to free up space.

Tips on Making the Most of Your Inventory Space

Whether you want to keep your inventory full or not depends largely on whether you need Scrap Metal at the time. As new gear comes into a full inventory, old gear is scrapped. If you’re looking to earn more materials, then it’s worth having a full inventory. If you’d rather have space and a more clear inventory, then use the method described above to get rid of gear you don’t want before equipping a new one.

That’s all you need to know about managing your inventory in Loop Hero. For a look at how Vampirism works in the game, head here. For more on Loop Hero, you can find all of our guides here.

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