Loop Hero: How to Get Stable Metal and Scrap Metal

Loop Hero sees players venturing out into a strange land of ever-changing loops. Enemies spawn on the path ahead, giving you resources as you defeat them. Cards are also earned, which can then be used to add tiles to the board which will earn you resources as you play. Scrap Metal is needed to make Stable Metal, a rare resource used to build certain structures at base camp. Here is the best way to get Stable Metal in Loop Hero.

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How to Get Stable Metal in Loop Hero

To get Stable Metal in Loop Hero you will need to earn 13 pieces of Scrap Metal. This will stack and change into a piece of Stable Metal once you get 13 of them. Read on for some tips on getting Scrap Metal to make Stable Metal.

How to Farm Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal can be obtained via the following two methods:

  1. Having a full inventory - If your inventory is full and you receive a new item, the item at the bottom of the pile will be turned into Scrap Metal
  2. Treasury - Placing the Treasury card and then surrounding it with Meadows, Rocks and Mountains will earn you a lot of Scrap Metal

The best way to farm Scrap Metal in Loop Hero is to lay down Treasury cards and then surround all 8 adjacent squares with Meadow, Rock, and Mountain tiles. This will give you the most Scrap Metal for your time. Just make sure to lay down these tiles as you get them. 

A screenshot of Loop Hero showing tiles being place adjacent to a treasury tile to earn resources
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That’s how to get Stable Metal in Loop Hero. For more on the game be sure to read our guide on what happens if you die in Loop Hero. Once you’re done with that, visit our page on how Potions work.

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