Life Is Strange True Colors Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Cat Puzzle and More

Deck Nine and Square Enix released the first extended look at Life is Strange: True Colors' gameplay, giving us a good look at what to expect from Alex's journey in Haven.

The clip opens with Alex arriving in a record store and reminiscing about childhood with her brother Gabe. It's the same store Deck Nine highlighted in the recent True Colors Wavelengths DLC trailer, with Steph the eccentric owner and indie fan running the business.

This time, Steph is behind soundproof glass managing Haven's radio show, which leaves Alex free to roam around — and meet local bird enthusiast Ryan Lucan.

There's the series' usual branching dialogue paths that determine everything from what ends up playing on the radio to how you start developing relationships, but the trailer also teased some additional elements.

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Life Is Strange True Colors Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Cat Puzzle and More

One of them is the environmental-based puzzles. Alex has to find a list of songs at one point, and the shop's resident cat is resolutely in her way. The task then becomes figuring out how to move the cat and where to find the necessary tools for the job.

The next segment teases Alex's signature ability of Empathy. Steph emerges from the soundroom in a rage, though Deck Nine stops short of letting us see how Alex interacts with other people's emotions.

What we do see is Gabe, Alex's brother, showing up at an awkward moment between Alex and Ryan. This is evidently a very early scene in the game, then, since Gabe's death is True Colors' central plot point.

In other words, expect sadness.

Life Is Strange True Colors releases September 10 for PlayStation 4 and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The Nintendo Switch version is delayed until 2022, along with the Life Is Strange Remastered Collection.

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