Life Is Strange True Colors: Should You Tell Eleanor About Gabe?

After helping Eleanor retrace her steps in the Flower Shop, you'll have an important choice to make that will affect your playthrough of Life Is Strange True Colors. You'll need to decide whether or not to tell her about Gabe's death. Here's how each option plays out.

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Life Is Strange True Colors: Should You Tell Eleanor About Gabe?

You'll get the opportunity to check in on the Flower Shop in Chapter 2 of Life Is Strange True Colors. Eleanor is struggling, having just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and unable to remember what she was doing. You'll help her retrace her steps, and then once she's feeling better, can either tell her about Gabe's death or spare her the pain. She has forgotten, a symptom of her illness, so would be experiencing Gabe's death for a second time. It's an extremely tough choice to make. Let's take a look at how things play out for each option.

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Tell Eleanor About Gabe's Death

If you tell Eleanor about Gabe's death, she will start crying and shut herself away in the back of the shop. This may seem cruel, but it does mean that she is able to attend the lantern memorial service that happens at the end of the episode. She'll be there for you, backing you up during an important decision at the end of the game.

Spare Her the Pain

If you choose to spare her the pain, Eleanor will carry on with her day. Most importantly, she will miss the memorial that happens later on. Riley will wonder where Eleanor is, and will go to check on her. This is actually one of the ways that Riley can find out about Eleanor's illness. This sets of a chain of bad stuff for Riley, and means that Eleanor will not back you up later on in the game.

That's how the Eleanor choice plays out in Life Is Strange True Colors. We've tried to keep it fairly spoiler-free, as it's a choice that has consequences well into the last chapter. For more help with the game, visit our guide on collecting every Memory. There's also our look at the Romance Options available to Alex.

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