Life Is Strange True Colors: Where to Find All Memories and Collectibles

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While playing through Life Is Strange True Colors you will be able to find hidden Memories, a type of collectible that are linked to specific characters. You'll need to use your powers on objects that give off an aura. This will trigger memories that can be viewed at a later date. There are 25 to find in total, some being pretty tricky to locate. Here's how to find all Memories.

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Life Is Strange True Colors: Where to Find All Memories and Collectibles

There are 25 Memories to find in Life Is Strange True Colors. It's likely that you'll miss most of them on your first playthrough, so use the chapter select feature to go back to specific scenes and mop up collectibles. We've broken the full list of Memories down by chapter below.

Chapter 1 Collectibles

There are five collectibles to get in Chapter 1. These are found in the apartment, Black Lantern and Typhon Site areas.

Crack - Gabe

While in the apartment, look for a crack in the wall to the left of the bathroom door. It's on the wall opposite to the front door.


Riley's Letter - Mac

Head over to Gabe's desk and use your power to locate Riley's Letter. It'll give you the only Mac memory in the game.

Pike Business Card - Pike

While tending the bar at the Black Lantern, check near the cash register to find a business card. It belongs to Pike, and plays a memory shared between him and Diane.


Helmet - Jed

Next up, head to the Typhon mining site. Near the entrance to the collapsed mine, use your power to locate a helmet. This will play a memory associated with Jed.

Phone - Jed

you'll enter the main building near the mining silo looking for Ethan. As you enter, turn around to find a phone on the wall. Use you power to hear a conversation between Jed and his wife, announcing her pregnancy.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 features 5 collectible memories. You'll need to check the rooftop garden, the Black Lantern, the Flower Shop, and the Dispensary. Let's take a look.


Button - Steph

Go to the rooftop garden located above Alex's apartment. You can find a button related to Steph's old band: Drugstore Makestop.

Rent Check - Gabe

While in the Black Lantern, check behind the bar. You'll find a rent check from Gabe taped there.

Umbrella - Ryan


Before you leave the Black Lantern make sure to head over to where the bathrooms are. They can be found straight ahead if you have the bar on your left. There's an umbrella here to interact with.

Gummies - Gabe

Go to visit Charlotte in the dispensary. This is where you can convince her not to sign the affidavit from typhon. Check the back of the store for a pot of Gummies for a memory about some sleep issues that Gabe was having.

T-Shirt - Riley


To the left of the counter at the Flower Shop is a red T-Shirt belonging to Riley. It's in a cupboard near the ground. You can only access this after helping Eleanor out.

Chapter 3

Once again, there are 5 Memories hidden in Chapter 3. They are found while doing the LARP, so just make sure you visit the Record Store and the Black Lantern.

Dollar - Gabe

After defeating the Dire Wolf as part of Steph's LARP, turn around and look on the ground. There's a dollar here.

Valkyrie's Dish - Steph


Head into the Record Store and look to the left of the guitar. Valkyrie's Dish is down on the ground. Use your power to get one of Steph's memories.

Bomber Jacket - Jed

Check the area near the bathrooms in the Black Lantern for Jed's bomber jacket. There's a memory attached to it.

Old Paper - Duckie

While you're in the Black Lantern, head to the area with the pool table. You'll find Duckie's LARP paper. It has one of his memories associated with it.


Appointment Paper - Diane

Outside the Black Lantern you will find a pool of blood. There's also an Appointment Slip from Diane on the ground. Use your Power on it.

Chapter 4

In order to get all of the Memories in Chapter 4 you will need to visit the Black Lantern, explore the Spring Festival, and look around Alex's apartment.

Microphone - Jed


Look behind the stage to find a microphone. This was used by Jed to propose to his wife.

Drum Kit - Steph

Look on stage for Steph's drums. You'll get more backstory involving Drugstore Makeup.

Polaroid - Ryan

Go to the Black Lion and look near the bathrooms to find a polaroid. It tells the story of when Ryan first got drunk.


Pressed Rose - Charlotte

Go upstairs to Alex's apartment. There's a pressed rose over on the far wall. This will give you a memory of Charlotte's.

CIT Sticker - Riley

This memory can be found around the back of the Flower Shop. It's a sticker for CIT, the college that Riley applied for.

Chapter 5

Finally, we have the Memories for Chapter 5. These are found in flashbacks, and in a mine area. Let's finish things off.


Mom's Keys - Mom

The hospital flashback takes you to Alex's Mom's room. There's a set of keys on the counter. They will explain how Alex and her family first learned of the Mom'e illness.

Business Card - Gabe

The next flashback takes you to an apartment with Gabe and Alex's Dad. Check in the kitchen for a business card from child services.

Guitar Strings - Alex


The next scene takes you back to a Foster Home that Alex stayed in. There are Guitar Strings on her bed with a red aura. Use your power to unlock the memory.

Pendant - Dad

This is the only unmissable Memory in Life Is Strange True Colors. You'll find a pendant at the end of the mine section, belonging to Alex's Dad.

Bomber Jacket - Dad

You'll get to take one last look around the apartment before heading to the roof at the end of the game. Check out the bomber jacket that is now draped over the table. It belonged to Alex's dad.


That's all of the Memories that you can find in Life Is Strange True Colors. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on Romancing Ryan or Steph. Elsewhere there's our look at cheering up the student in Chapter 3.