Life Is Strange True Colors Romance Options Walkthrough

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Life Is Strange True Colors throws you into the shoes of Alex Chen, a young woman on her way to move into a new town, reuniting with her long-lost brother in the process. There's a mystery to solve involving a creepy and omniscient mega corporation, as well as some of the troubles one might expect when living in a small mining town. There are two characters that can be romanced also, with key choices peppered throughout the game determining who you end up with. In this Life Is Strange Romance guide we want to detail both romance options, and highlight some of the major choice moments that you'll want to look out for.


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Romance Options

You have two main Romance Options in Life Is Strange True Colors. these are Steph and Ryan, the two characters you will spend the most time with while playing. Who you romance is up to you, but keep in mind that there are choices peppered throughout the main story that will unlock these options towards the end of the game. Let's take a look at what you need to keep an eye out for.

Key Choices

There are a few key choices that you will need to make while playing True Colors. These apply to whether you want to romance Ryan or Steph. The first is given in Chapter 3, when you're asked to choose who will be the hotter distraction. This is where you can sow the seeds of your romance. choose who you'd like to end up with.


The second main choice comes during Chapter 4, at the Spring Festival. Make sure to pick up a rose opposite the stage. You then need to give it to either Ryan or Steph before the gig starts up. You have time to do this, so feel free to explore the rest of Haven Springs before handing over the rose. Once you've given it out, the recipient will invite you up to the roof of the Black Lantern later on.

Finally, when on the roof with Ryan or Steph, you will get the choice to kiss them. Do so to seal the deal, completing the romance and setting up the ending of the game.

How to Romance Steph

In addition to the key choices there are some smaller ones that may affect the likelihood of romancing Steph. The first is to visit her after seeing Eleanor at the flower shop in Chapter 2. This will open up new dialogue options for you, and help you get to know Steph better.


During the LARP in Chapter 3, you can use your powers on Steph while she is role-playing a witch at the record store. You can then offer her your hand in marriage as a dialogue option. It's all a joke of course, but definitely moves things along between Alex and Steph.

How to Romance Ryan

There are fewer opportunities for getting to know Ryan better when compared to Steph. The main thing you'll want to do during Chapter 2 is convince him to accept forgiveness for Gabe's death. This can either come from himself, Alex or Gabe. You can give him a hug later on in this conversation, allowing Alex and Ryan to grow a little bit closer.

What If You Don't Want to Romance Anyone?

If you'd rather stay single, you don't actually need to romance anyone. You'll still need to pick a distraction for Diane, but won't need to hug or kiss either Ryan or Steph. Just skip the rose section at the Spring Festival and you'll keep Alex's story for herself at the end of the game.


That's how romance works in Life Is Strange True Colors. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on the memory collectibles hidden around Haven Springs.