Life Is Strange True Colors: Should You Take Charlotte's Anger Away?

During the end of Chapter 3 in Life Is Strange True Colors you'll get the opportunity to speak to Charlotte. She is having a hard time with Ethan, her anger surrounding Gabe's death consuming her as she works. Alex can Leave Charlotte or take her anger away. There are some pretty major consequences tied to this choice. Here's how it all plays out.

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Life Is Strange True Colors: Should You Take Charlotte's Anger Away?

After discovering that Charlotte's anger is tied to her feelings towards Ethan, and specifically the part he played in Gabe's death, you'll get the option to take away her anger. While this may seem like an easy choice, Alex will warn you that she's unsure as to what might happen, and wonders whether she might be crossing a line. Here's how each choice plays out.

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Leave Charlotte Alone

Charlotte makes it pretty clear that she wants to be left alone, and you'll get the option to walk out and head home. Doing so will leave Charlotte in a state of anger, but you'll share a moment later on in the game where you can help her. She'll still have her emotions, and will use them to support you during one of the game's most important sections.

Take Charlotte's Anger

Taking Charlotte's Anger is the first time Alex will use her powers to straight up remove an emotion from someone. It leaves Charlotte as somewhat of a husk. She is found later on in the game wandering around town in a state of depression. Sometimes people need to feel their emotions, and Alex realises that she has crossed a line in changing someone's inner feelings so drastically. Charlotte will not have any fight left in her, which means she will not be there to back you up later in the game.

That's how the Charlotte's Anger choice plays out in Life Is Strange True Colors. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on finding all of the Memories. There's also our look at the Romance Options available to Alex.

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