League of Legends: What Is BG?

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There are various League of Legends (LOL) jargons that the gaming community has informally used at first, but now could be considered as almost official terms which every player may encounter in the game.

And one of those is the abbreviated term BG which may be a bit negative if you actually would know what it means.

But it’s better to know than to dwell on why is it being used in the game. Keep reading and we’ll tell you what is BG in League of Legends.

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What Is BG In League of Legends?

BG is the abbreviated term for Bad Game.

Well, it’s pretty straightforward why it’s been hinted that it’s a bit negative – or should I say, really negative.

You may hear this term if your team is already losing or there’s no hope to turn it around. Players who are also not composed right even from the start of the match may sometimes tend to have this one.

But losing is part of the game after all. And having a BG in LOL is part of the process.

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