League of Legends: What Is 1-4?

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In League of Legends (LOL) jargons and terminologies, it’s not all about letters and words – numbers are also part of the game.

And if you already heard the term 1-4 in the game, then you might have encountered it during an actual game. But in case you are still not familiar with the term, then we’re glad to enlighten you on what does it mean and signify in the game.


Here’s everything you need to know about 1-4 in League of Legends.

What Is 1-4 In League of Legends?

1-4 in League of Legends pertains to a strategy used by a team during an actual match.

It means a split push formation wherein one member of the team will push a side lane while the other four will push on only one lane – probably the mid.


So, if you hear a teammate or an enemy say 1-4 in a game, then be aware that a solo split push will most likely to happen anytime.

Other Split Push Strategies In League of Legends

Aside from the 1-4 split push, 1-3-1 could be another common option for teams.

In a 1-3-1 split push, one member of the team will push the top lane, three in the mid lane, and one in the bottom lane.


Although there may also be times that the three-member push would be happening in either the top or bottom lanes, the distribution will be as is.

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