League of Legends: What Is QQ?

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If you come across League of Legends (LOL) you might be familiar with the abbreviated term or jargon ‘QQ.’

It could be an instance wherein a fellow player or an opponent has typed in the chat or mentioned it while in the in-game call. But what does it exactly signify and mean in League of Legends?


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What Is QQ In League of Legends?

QQ is being used in League of Legends to tell that someone might be dealing with an issue.


These issues could be system-related like lags or disconnection, or situational like when another player might have said something inappropriate or acted towards another player.

So, when you see someone type in QQ or even say it in the call, then an issue might be occurring to another player.

It’s now up to your teammates or other players or even to the system what will happen next. But when QQ is seen then there must be a problem, may it be big or small.

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