League of Legends: How To Verify Account

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Online games nowadays utilize the verification system in order to protect the players’ accounts from possible instances of hacks and other possible scenarios involving security.

And in League of Legends – being one of the biggest online competitive games today implements a verification system that allows players to have their accounts secured, as well as to verify if the creator of the account uses his or her made account, assuming that it was not given or being used by another person. Well, that’s a different case though.

But here’s how you can verify your account in League of Legends.

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How To Verify Account In League of Legends

Verifying an account in League of Legends is done through email verification.

Just click the ‘Send Email’ option at the pop-up window that will appear once you log in to the game client.

Then check the inbox of the email registered to your account and look for the latest message by Leagueoflegends@email.accounts.riotgames.com.

Once done, click the ‘Verify email’ button located at the center of the message you have received.

Then wait until the pop-up from the client will show a green checkmark telling you that you are now verified.

Just click ‘Finish’ at the bottom part of the screen, and you may now enjoy playing League of Legends while being a verified user.


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