League of Legends: What Is Tower Hugging?

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There are many ways you can do to survive in a game or match in League of Legends, such as tower hugging.

Yes, you heard it right – it’s tower hugging. But it is not really the literal meaning of this term that could be seen in the game, although it primarily involves a tower and a champion.


But what does it exactly mean? Keep reading and we’ll tell you about tower hugging in League of Legends.

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What is Tower Hugging In League of Legends?

Tower hugging is the act of a player hiding his or her champion beneath a tower.


This is some sort of a defensive move to prevent an enemy champion from attacking a champion of the other team who is hiding beneath one of their team’s towers.

Also, it could provide some offense to your side. The tower will automatically deal damage to an opponent who is trying to sneak into a tower from the opposing side if there are no creeps available to shield the damage he or she may take.

So now if you hear this term then it’s literally not embracing a tower – it’s using it as a way to prevent damage, as well as providing offensive strikes.

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