Jensen Talks About Team Liquid's Recent Form In The LCS

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Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen is one of the best mid-lane players in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). With multiple LCS trophies under his belt, anyone who follows LoL esports knows about Jensen.

The 26-year-old star mid laner has been a part of Team Liquid since 2018, winning 2 LCS tournaments while also earning the runner-up spot at MSI 2019.


However, during a recent interview with Dexerto, Jensen revealed that Team Liquid is "just not a top North American team."

Jensen talks about Team Liquid in the LCS

Despite finishing in the second spot during the LCS 2021 Spring Split, Team Liquid has found itself in fourth place after the fifth week of the Summer Split. Before moving forward, readers should note that the top three teams from the LCS 2021 Summer Split will receive a direct invite to the Group Stage of Worlds 2021.


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Having said that, Team Liquid finds themselves in a spot of bother at the fourth spot. Concerning this, Jensen expressed how this performance has provided all of Team Liquid with a "reality check."

Jensen said,

"We’re not a top LCS team right now, small things have changed for us. We need to figure things out, because right now we’re not contenders, no.”

He further added,

"Practice has been okay, so I thought we were in a good place. We had lost to all the better teams previously, we knew that, but they had been close games, and I don’t think that we had been that much worse than them in the games, I don’t know… I was pretty confident. Those games have made it pretty clear to us that we have a lot that we need to work on and really figure out, right now."

Additionally, Jensen also talked about how the drafting strategies have affected the overall performance of Team Liquid. Jensen explained that instead of trying to learn "overpowered champions or flex picks" like they were doing, the team should have focused on champions that the players are more used to. Jensen talked about the plan for the future and how they have been finally adjusting to the Season 11 meta. He said,


"That’s something that I think is really important that we work on, like really work on, because it’s the main thing hurting our drafting at the moment. The team hasn’t had the right read on what is really OP, and especially these past two weeks I think we’ve got a bit of a reality check on what the Season 11 meta really is."

Fortunately for Liquid fans, the team has finally pivoted to their comfort picks, and needless to say, it was clearly visible in their victory over FlyQuest this week.

Having said that, Jensen is confident about Team Liquid bouncing back from the slump that they have fallen into. Given that there is still four weeks of action remaining, Jensen and co. are definitely looking to climb back into the top three for a direct invite to the Group Stage of Worlds 2021.


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