LoL Rise Of The Sentinels Event Guide: Skins, Rewards, And More (Week 1)

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The Rise of the Sentinels in-game event is live now in League of Legends. What is arguably the largest franchise event in Riot Games' history is also supposed to be a lore-defining battle between Light and Darkness.

Rise of the Sentinels features weekly chapters that will allow players to progress through the challenges to discover the universe of Runeterra.


Additionally, the event has also brought forward a bunch of new skins and cosmetics that share the theme of the event. Having said that, let's dive in and take a look at everything that Rise of the Sentinels has to offer in League of Legends.

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New Skins

According to the official release from Riot Games, Rise of the Sentinels will feature a total of 12 new skins for various characters. On top of this, the developers have also confirmed that all the new skins will be canonical to the storyline that will be uncovered during the course of the event.

The characters that are set to receive new skins during the Rise of the Sentinels event in League of Legends are:

  • Ruine Miss Fortune
  • Ruine Pantheon
  • Sentinel Diana
  • Sentinel Graves
  • Sentinel Irelia
  • Sentinel Olaf
  • Sentinel Pyke
  • Sentinel Rengar
  • Sentinel Riven
  • Sentinel Vayne
  • Unbound Thresh
  • Prestige Ascended Pantheon

This further means that all of the aforementioned champions will have an important role to play during the in-game story experience event.

Ultimate Spellbook game mode

Along with the 11.14 update, League of Legends also witnessed the release of a brand new game mode, Ultimate Spellbook. This game mode offers the player a chance to steal another champion's ultimate spell. Once the ultimate spell is stolen, it remains with the player's champion for the rest of the game. Needless to say, some of the combinations that are formed in this game mode are utterly chaotic.


The Ultimate Spellbook game mode is scheduled to remain live on the main server for the entire course of Rise of the Sentinel in-game event.


Considering the magnitude of the Rise of the Sentinels event in League of Legends, it goes without saying that there are a ton of rewards for players to claim for free. Ranging from Emotes to Loading Screen Borders, there are a lot of in-game rewards that players can earn throughout the event.

Here are all the Week 1 rewards available in the Rise of the Sentinels event:


  • 30 Points - 5 Tokens
  • 60 Points - Sentinels Event Icon + Sentinel Senna Emote
  • 90 Points - The Night Hunter Sentinel Icon
  • 120 Points - 10 Tokens
  • 150 Points - 10 Tokens
  • 180 Points - Sentinel Vayne Emote


  • 65 Points - 10 Tokens
  • 135 Points - The Exile Sentinel Icon
  • 210 Points - 10 Tokens
  • 280 Points - Sentinel Riven Emote


  • 65 Points - 10 Tokens
  • 135 Points - The Berserker Sentinel Icon
  • 210 Points - 10 Tokens
  • 280 Points - Sentinel Olaf Emote

Considering so many rewards to be claimed from the Rise of the Sentinels in-game event's first week alone, it is safe to say that players are in for weekly treats until the event ends in August.

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