Rise Of The Sentinels Revealed For LoL

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UPDATE: Another cinematic for the final chapter of the Sentinels of the Light event in League of Legends has now been revealed by Riot Games.

The in-game client story experience that will be available as a part of this franchise event in LoL has been titled "Rise of the Sentinels." Having said that, the story experience is supposed to portray an enhanced experience of a rookie member of the Sentinels.


When does Rise of the Sentinels begin?

The Rise of the Sentinels in-game story experience will be available for players starting July 8th. The custom game will remain live in League of Legends until August 10 and will feature the release of a bunch of canonical skins for various beloved champions.

UPDATE - Chapter III of the Rise of the Sentinels event for LOL has now been revealed by Riot Games through the game's official Twitter account, and it will arrive by tomorrow, July 23.


UPDATE - The official sneak peek video for chapter III of the Rise of the Sentinels event was also released by Riot Games.

UPDATE - Riot Games has now unveiled the cinematic for the final chapter fo the Sentinels of the Light event in League of Legends.


UPDATE - Here is the new cinematic revealed by Riot Games for the Rise of the Sentinels:

UPDATE - Riot also released the final issue of Sentinels of Light: Steadfast Heart here:


What is Rise of the Sentinels in League of Legends?

According to the official release from Riot Games, Rise of the Sentinels will portray lasting changes to the world of Runeterra. This further means that this new in-game story experience is set to reveal a bunch of exciting information regarding the lore of League's beloved champions.

To be precise, Rise of the Sentinels will feature a game mode where the player will have to travel across the realm of Runeterra to recruit allies. These allies will play an important role during the player's battle against Viego.

Additionally, players should also note that Rise of the Sentinels will be released in weekly chapters, along with in-game missions that will allow players to progress through the story. Needless to say, Riot Games has ensured that the entire event is free-to-play, meaning everyone can fully experience the story of Runeterra.


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