League of Legends Challenges - How To Activate Them & Rewards

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A huge new overhaul to League of Legends is almost upon us, with League of Legends challenges to spice up the gameplay loop. These objectives will give you plenty to work towards, with accolades and even some points on offer for completing them. As such, the chances are you'll want to know all about these new challenges before they land.

In this League of Legends guide, we'll outline what the new challenge mechanic is, and how it'll affect your gameplay. That's on top of breaking down the five types of challenge and the differences between them, as well as the rewards for completing challenges, and exactly how you activate them.

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What Are League of Legends Challenges?

In line with other games like Fortnite that prioritise quests, League of Legends challenges are new mini objectives coming to the hit MOBA very soon. There are over 300 new challenges for players to complete - and even better, you don't have to be a ranked stalwart to dive into them.

These challenges comrpise of everything from killing a set amount of enemies within a time limit to finishing matches without dying even once. Each challenge has its own progression tree, so when you complete the first requirement, it'll evolve to a new goal, with new rewards on offer as well.

On top of that, there are specific progression accolades linked to your completion of challenges. When you first start you'll be at Iron rank, but as you complete more the crystal on your profile evolves, until you reach the top rank of Challenger.

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League of Legends Challenge Categories

When League of Legends challenges go live, there will be five different categories to explore. Each has a different gameplay focus, as explored below:


This category is focused mostly on combat and kills, while doing so in fittingly inventive ways. Time limits are a common occurrence, and you'll need to come up with clever ways to fit the criteria.

Example: Kill 20 minions within 3 seconds.


This category isn't just about playing well, but being almost flawless while doing so. As the name suggests, you'll need to be a bona fide League of Legends, ahem, legend to complete these challenges.

Example: Win games without dying.

Teamwork and Strategy

As you may expect, these challenges will require you to link up with other players and co-ordinate your strategy. They'll be almost impossible to complete alone, so squad up and get ready.

Example: Claim Dragon Souls 4-0.


These challenges can only be completed over a very long period of time, given how hard the requirements are. You'll need to be a consistently dedicated player, willing to put in the hard yards.

Example: Win with different Mythic items.


Here, the goal is to hoard as many cosmetics and collectibles as possible to fit the criteria. Grab all the loot you can, and it'll put you in good stead to completing these challenges.

Example: Obtain Champions.

What Are The League of Legends Challenge Rewards?

The main rewards behind completing challenge ladders are new titles and nicknames to place on your profile. Working similar to accolades, each challenge is linked to a special name you can unlock to add alongside your username. Fittingly, they're themed according to the requirements of each challenge: so for example, if you complete a challenge focused on early-match progression, you get the Early Bird accolade. They're a good way to show off your prestige to other players, and will no doubt become a staple of the community.

On top of that, you can also earn Achievement Points by completing challenges. While it doesn't immediately appear that you can spend them on anything, they also act as a measure of just how many challenges you've completed - and as such, another way to gloat to friends about how dedicated you are.

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How Do I Activate League of Legends Challenges?

You'll find the new wealth of challenges on your profile page in League of Legends. Once you're on your profile, simply click the Challenges tab nestled in between Overview and Match History. On there, you can sift between the five challenge types to see which accolades are currently active, and your progression towards completing each one. Even better, you can see the current percentage of players who have completed each challenge, so you can gloat to your friends about just how good you are.

That's it for our look at the brand new League of Legends challenges feature! It's set to be an exciting addition to the long-running MOBA, giving you not only new tasks to work towards, but bragging rights to get one-up over your friends, or even rivals. Be sure to also check out our League of Legends 12.7 patch notes, to refresh your memory on the most recent update to the hit game.

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