Celebrate Pride With Riot Games and Unlock Rewards From Around Runeterra

Celebrate Pride with Riot Games as you complete challenges in League of Legends, Legends of Runterra, Teamfight Tactics, and in the Wild Rift where players can unlock unique cosmetic items to show their support of the LGTBQIA+ community.

For the past five years we’ve been proudly participating in IDAHOTB, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (now known as May 17th), and in 2018, we began sharing our support with you all, in-game with Icons that have made way to homeguard trail animations, emotes and even a Guardian (Legends of Runeterra). Says Rodger “MINIONSRPEOPLE2” Caudill.

Here is everything you need to know in order to unlock the rewards:

League of Legends

Rainbow Poro icons have returned and selecting one will activate its responding homeguard trail color. These trails will be available to use until the end of June.

Over the next few weeks, missions will begin to pop up that will reward players with new emotes and a summoner icon. Players will have until the end of June to complete these missions.

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Love That Encircles the Horizon
(Available 5/17)

Earn 50 points:

Win a game with 1 or more friends = 5 Points

Lose a game with 1 or more friend = 3 Points

Win a game = 2 Points

Lose a game = 1 Point

Reward: Beside you emote.

Together We Are Strong
(Available 5/17)

As a Team, Kill 4 Dragons


Play 3 Games

Reward: 500 Blue essence

Every Color Under the Sun
(Available 5/24)

Deal 20,000 Damage to Champions


Play 3 Games As, With or Against Leona


Play 6 Games

Reward: Pride 2021 icon

The Moon Reflects the Truth
(Available 5/31)

Earn 20,000 Gold


Play 3 Games As, With, or Against Diana


Play 6 Games

Reward: Pride 2021 emote

Finally, if players equip the core Rainbow Poro Icon that was available last year, players will see the old parachuting Poro splash, but if any of the new Pride icons are selected, you will see the new splash art.

Celebrate Pride With Riot Games and Unlock Rewards From Around Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra

A free shop bundle will be released on the 19th of May, which will include new rainbow Poro icons, a new emote featuring Tyari the Traveler, and a new Guardian, Ellie the Elephant.

Teamfight Tactics

Much like League of Legends, players will be able to select the new Rainbow Poro Icons, which will bring the home guard trail to the Convergence.

Pride Booms will also be available Via a new mission coming with patch 11.10. It will be called "sun and moon" and will require the player to field a team with Dianna and Leona. Players will also receive an additional 200xp towards their reckoning pass by completing this mission.

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Wild Rift

Finally, Wild Rift will be receiving 7 rainbow Poro icons, 1 homegaurd trail, and an emote, available via two missions released on the 24th of May.

We Win Together

Play 1 game.

Reward: 7 Rainbow Poro Icons and 1 homeguard trail.

United We Play

Play 10 games with either a Pride icon or the homeguard trail equipped.

Reward: Pride 2021 Emote.

A limited run of merch will be sold in the Riot Games store from the 1st of June until the end of July, featuring clothing, mugs, and even a fan. All proceeds will be going to the It Gets Better Project.

If you want to earn these rewards, make sure to complete the challenges before the end of June. If you want to find out information about rewards you can check out the full blog post here.

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