League of Legends Player Convinced Eating Apple Ended Their Losing Streak

Promo artwork for League of Legends with an apple added.

Eating healthily is something that lots of people struggle with, both in games and in real life.

However, for those with a soft spot for guzzling nachos and ice cream between multiplayer matches or games of Loldle, the recent actions of one very interesting League of Legends player might be of interest.

Said player recently took to Reddit to announce that they’d chowed down on some fruit midway through a losing streak and, miraculously, saw their form rebound immediately upon consuming the healthy snack.

Have You Had Your LOL Five a Day?

Posting to begin a now removed thread on r/leagueoflegends alluding to this phenomenon, user ThrowawayAppleLoL declared: “Hello, I was losing today. Four games in a row. I wanted to uninstall League of Legends. I then found an apple near me and ate it. I won my next game.”

Responses to this revelation from other League players were largely confused, with user NickAlpha pointing out that ThrowawayAppleLoL had created their entire Reddit account just to share this particular story, leading Disco_Ninjas_ to quip: “because he is a Gangplank main”, alluding to the oranges that the eyepatch-wearing champion carries.

User kid_ghibli’s explanation required a little bit less League knowledge to understand, with them suggesting that the post might just be a diary entry accidentally uploaded to Reddit.

Others joined in on the fruity banter, with user xaxdandanxax asking: “have you considered oranges?”, to which ThrowawayAppleLoL responded by ruling this switch out and confirming that they are not a Gangplank main.

A screenshot of the thread.
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A screenshot of the thread.

Some seemed to have been swayed to give this bananas strategy a go, with user bakaveil saying: “might have to try this, I'm on a 12 game (losing) streak” and Rozuem declaring their intention to go all in on it, saying: “brb buying enough apples to reach Challenger.”

Meanwhile, user amluke wanted to make sure they executed it correctly, asking: “would this work if I only have Granny Smiths or does it need to be a specific breed of apple?”

Sadly, this query received no answer, leaving us in the dark as to which apple breeds can fuel players to League mastery.

Regardless of whether or not you're a Granny Smith apple stan, make sure to follow us for more League of Legends updates as new patches and characters arrive.

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