Beginner Kingdom Maker Tips to Help You Rule

The nobles, orc, bard and other characters in Kingdom Maker

The nobles, orc, bard and other characters in Kingdom Maker

Looking for some quality Kingdom Maker tips? It's a wise move. Jumping in and spending a lot of your early resources without a second thought can come back to bit you later in. In this new mobile resource-management game in which you build, protect, and manage the resources of a new kingdom, there's a lot that can go wrong. We're going to try to help you set things right.

With a lot of things to keep track of, Kingdom Maker can be very overwhelming no matter how many tutorials you're given. This handy guide will help you find your feet and learn how to play the game without making any costly mistakes right from the get-go.

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Beginner Kingdom Maker Tips

Train Your Defenses

You will have a number of barracks accessible to you. It doesn't take long to train the most basic soldiers.

They require a certain amount of resources to train, and at the level you are at, you should have a healthy number of them. They take just over a minute to train, and it allows you to go outside the city to fight the Orcs and get more XP and resources for your city.

Lay Your Properties Out Properly

Lay everything out where you'll be able to see it; don't just plonk them down somewhere never to be found again, because it can make it very difficult to find them.

You'll need them later down the line, so it's best to know where everything is so you can plan accordingly when the time comes to hold the fort and rapidly produce new units and produce.

A clumsy man with a bucket on his head in Kingdom Maker
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Military Kingdom Maker

Do As Many Battles As Possible

Even if they're level one Ravager camps, every little smidge of XP and resources will help you down the line. As you get more powerful you'll be able to do the higher-level Ravager camps which give even more XP and resources. It's a bit of a grind, but the grind is very much worth it.

Have A Big Family

If you are in a good position to be able to birth more nobles, then do it. By doing so, once they are aged up they can go on excursions to the small dungeons which have more loot and resources that will benefit the town in the long-term.

Excursions have long cooldowns, so if you have a big family, you can reap the rewards by doing multiple dungeons at the same time without worrying about the cooldown.

The 4 Hour free chest and the 24 hour free chest in Kingdom Maker
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Bundles available in Kingdom Maker

Collect Daily Rewards

Kingdom Maker contains three daily rewards you can claim for free; the 10-minute chest, the four-hour chest, and the 24-hour chest.

They contain useful items that can reduce cooldown and build times, resources like wood or stone, character XP, and more. For free, they're absolutely worth picking up. Just remember to grab them all before the day's over.

Remember to Equip Armour

If you've raided dungeons and camps, there is a fair chance that you'll have picked up some armour along the way. Armour can be equipped to any one of your adult nobles, boosting the stats they'll need to aid your town. In this case, armour is for more than just protection on the battlefield.

Watch Your Resources

Lastly, be sure to watch your resources. It's very easy to get in over your head and go all out, building everything, upgrading it all, and training everyone.

However, all of these things cost resources, and they can be hard to come by at the beginning of your rule: especially wood and food. Watch those two very carefully, and be certain of what you need before you go spending resources on things that won't net you a return.

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