King of Fighters 15: Yashiro Nanakase Move List and Guide

Returning from beyond the grave, Yashiro Nanakase makes a comeback as a playable character in King of Fighters 15. This character has always been a power hitter with his aggressive fighting style and versatile moves. Players who just want to brawl can look forward to including Yashiro in their team.

Who Is Yashiro Nanakase in King of Fighters?

In his first appearance in King of Fighters 97, Yashiro, Shermie, and Chris awakened to their Orochi bloodline and started to carry on their duty in the tournament with the goal of reviving the ancient evil God Orochi. The three weree successful in reviving Orochi but at the price of their demise. Kyo, Iori, and Chizuru were successful in sealing Orochi away, but they could do nothing else for Yashiro and his crew.

After King of Fighters 14 events, Yashiro and the rest of Team Orochi has been revived and have subsequently joined the next tournament. We've yet to know if the team is up to no good and plan to revive Orochi this time around, though.

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King of Fighters 15 - Yashiro Nanakase Move List

Yashiro boasts a short set of power hits as his special moves, and most of his strategies are built for brawling up close. To complement his brawler fighting style, he also has a parry move to punish foes who try to stop him from landing his signature hard hits. Here's what Yashiro can do in King of Fighters 15.

Yashiro Command Normals

  • Regret Bash - Forward + Light Punch
  • Step Side Kick - Forward + Light Kick

Yashiro Special Moves

  • Missile Might Bash - Quarter Circle back + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • Upper Duel - DP Motion (Forward, Down, Down Forward) + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • Jet Counter - Half Circle back to forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • Jet Counter Still - During Jet Counter, Quarter Circle forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • Sledgehammer - Quarter Circle back + Light Kick/Strong Kick

Yashiro Super Special Moves

  • Final Impact - Double Quarter Circle forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch (Hold OK)
  • Variable Bash Stream - Double Quarter Circle forward + Light Kick/Strong Kick

Yashiro Climax Super Special Moves

  • Ultimate Billion Bash - Quarter Circle back then Half Circle back to forward + both Strong Punch and Strong Kick

Yashiro Normal Throws

  • Liver Blow - Near Opponent, Back or Forward + Strong Punch
  • Hatchet Throw - Near Opponent, Back or Forward + Strong Kick

Chris and Shermie are great teammates to pair with Yashiro. All three have a similar aggressive playstyle which can help beginners get a solid understanding of offence in King of Fighters 15.

Yashiro Nanakase Death Combos

As a high damage character, Yashiro has ways to end his foes at full health as long as he has resources. Get ready to swing your fists until your foes drop dead with this combo:

Make sure to not drop this combo when doing it. If missed, players will be left with little to no resources to work with to end the match and will probably lose because of it. Practice it well and enjoy deleting foes if you got enough meter.

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