Heidern Joins Roster King of Fighters 15 Roster as 32nd Character

SNK revealed that Heidern is the 32nd character added to the King of Fighters 15 roster. In his trailer, Heidern is confirmed to be entering the tournament for an unknown mission he must accomplish Here's what we know so far about Heidern.

King of Fighters 15 Heidern Reveal

As seen on SNK's official YouTube channel, the developers have confirmed that Heidern will be the 32nd fighter to join King of Fighters 15. In the trailer video, Blue Mary tries to uncover Heidern's mission for joining the King of Fighters 15 tournament, since he usually only moves to help thwart a great evil or hunt down Rugal Bernstein, the villain responsible for killing his family and damaging his eye.

Heidern didn't reveal his goal for this tournament, though, and is operating far away from Team Ikari Warriors.

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Who Is Heidern in King of Fighters 15

In the King of Fighters series, Heidern is the leader of the mercenary military group Ikari Warriors. Heidern often hires capable soldiers and freelance fighters to accomplish his goals of generally doing good and preventing great evils from seeing their plans to fruition.

As a fighting game character, Heidern can be considered a zoner, as he often uses his superior reach with his limbs to stop his foes from simply running up to fight him. He also uses various bits of technology to generate slashes out of thin air and make his opponents explode, which is always handy.

Overall, Heidern is a popular character for players who loves to make their foes work in neutral if they want to get in and fight up close with them.

Heidern in King of Fighters
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Many Fighters Without A Team

As of now, Heidern joins the King of Fighters 15 roster without a team, though he's not the only one. Other than Heidern, other fighters like Ash Crimson, Kukri, Isla, and K' have yet to be included in teams of their own. Potentially, all of these characters could have teams of their own, as none of them have been seen working together in one team.

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