King of Fighters 15: 33rd Character Dolores Revealed, Moveset Showcased

SNK recently dropped the trailer for King of Fighters XV's 33rd character, Dolores. This character is one of the new additions to the King of Fighters series growing roster. According to PlayStation blog, Dolores is a medium with control over holy soil to fight her foes in battle.

In King of Fighters 15, the story continues as new evils rise up to threaten the world after the defeat of Verse in King of Fighters XIV. Potentially, her role could be explained more once the game is released soon. Here's what we know about her in this fighting game.

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King of Fighters XV: 33rd Character Dolores Revealed, Moveset Showcased

How Dolores Fights

As seen in the trailer, Dolores often employs dance-like movements to hit foes and controls earth to overwhelm them. Her fighting style looks heavily reminiscent of Guilty Gear's Zato-1, who commands his shadow Eddie to hit his foes, while also striking a pose in the process.

We don't know how her moveset will playout once she gets into matches, but players can try her out on the upcoming King of Fighters 15 open beta this November. She's one of the eight available fighters for the network test, and Training Mode will be open to help players understand how she plays.

Team Rival's Last Member

Lastly, that trailer reveals that Dolores will be part of Team Rival along with Isla and Heidern. This team's agenda is currently unknown, but Isla is introduced as a direct rival to Shun-ei. Similar to Shun-ei's team, Team Rival is composed of two newcomers to the series and a veteran character that's been seen since entries from the 90s.

After her reveal, fans are now waiting on six more character reveals to complete that initial 39 character roster. Players can wait up until February 2022 to know who these remaining characters are.

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