JETT: The Far Shore - How To Escape Hectors

Exploring unknown territory is always risky because you don't know what's out there and the same principle applies to JETT: The Far Shore. The new world is fraught with unknown perils that you will need to navigate alongside your scout team to survive. We're going to show you how to escape Hectors, one of the first perils you'll encounter.

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How To Escape Hectors

Out-manoeuvre Them

The best way to escape Hectors is to try to out-manoeuvre them with your Jett. Whilst you're flying you can use the Dash Roll move to give yourself a boost of speed and make a sharp turn at the same time.

Flying through areas that are dense with foliage or have a canopy can help you evade them. If they cannot see you they should calm down.

 Jett flying through canopy covered area
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Hectors are very good at flying so it will take some skill and a lot of effort to evade them. It's difficult to out-fly them because you cannot get your speed up high enough unless you have a good streak of vapor to fly through.

Distract Them

Distracting Hectors is ultimately the best and easiest way to get them off of your scent. All enemies have a weakness and this flying alien pterodactyl's one is the Pippa plants that grow in the landscape. They're glowing pink plants that respond to you execute the Pop move when you're on top of them.

Once you pop the plant, it will excrete a substance that the Hectors cannot resist, and like a bee to a flower, they will choose that instead of hunting you.

What Are Hectors?

Hectors are creatures that are native to the oceanic planet. They're fiercely territorial which means anything that ventures into their area will be a target and that means you.

They can create waves of sound that will damage the shield around your ship and they will attack you with hits too. From afar they look like evil alien pterodactyls but up close they resemble mutated dragonfly monsters.

Can You Avoid Hectors?

The best way to avoid getting the attention of a Hector is to turn your scramjet engines off and try to lay low. Making a big noise or move with your Jett will definitely get their attention if they're in the area.

You can still move around whilst your scramjet engines are off. You can do small and sharp bursts of your surge to move forward. Granted, it's slow progress when you do it this way but it will lower the chances of you getting spotted.

Are Hectors Dangerous?

In the grand scheme of things, they're not fatally dangerous. However, they can still be a problem for you because they will tail you relentlessly and this can either lead to you burning out your Jett engines or result in you losing your shield.

When your shield is damaged enough it will cause the Jett to lose a life. Also, the chaos that Hectors can cause can draw unwanted attention from the larger creatures which means much bigger problems for yourself and your scout team.

Unfortunately, Hectors are the least of your problems in JETT: The Far Shore but they can make your journey more difficult. That's why it's important to know how to escape them and combine that knowledge with knowing how to use surge.

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