JETT: The Far Shore - How To Find Jao’s Directives

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You are part of a scout team in JETT: The Far Shore and the commander of that team is known as Jao. As commander, Jao does hold rank above you which means you will have to listen to what they say and do as they ask to the best of your ability. They give you many tasks so we show you how to find and keep track of Jao's directives.

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How To Find Jao’s Directives

To find Jao's directives you need to be on the new planet already and have reached the point where the storm stops you from travelling any further. Whilst you're exploring the body of land that you're forced to stop on, you will then be allowed to access your directives.

Here is how to find Jao's directives:

  1. Open up your cockpit
  1. Look at the tabs at the top of your screen
  2. Scroll through them to your left until you hit the tab labelled "Jao's Directives"
  3. Click on the tab
  4. It will open up the screen that shows you all of the directives that are currently active.

JETT The Far Shore Jao's Directives Screen
Being able to check the directives will make it slightly easier if you get a little bit lost

What Are Jao’s Directives?

Jao's directives are the missions and incentives given to you by your Commander. They ultimately are the end goals/tasks that they need you to achieve and they will push the story along.

Naturally, your exploration of the planet will bring up little discoveries of your own and you may want to divert slightly from the given directives but at the end of the day, it is Jao's ones that matter.


Your team of scouts and your commander Jao are the only people you have to keep you company on the vastness of a new world. In JETT: The Far Shore, you will need all of your Jett's functions to fulfill Jao's directives, so it's important that you know how to dazzle and how to collect specimens too.