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The castle in Terraria.

The castle in Terraria.

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Read this guide, and you will discover everything there is to know about Terraria 2. There is no doubt that Terraria is one of the most legendary indie games ever released. The game set up trends in the industry for years after its release. Even though Terraria is far from losing its popularity, there are various discussions about the possible release of the new Terraria game.

In this hub you'll find official information, rumours, and even personal thoughts about Terraria 2. Moreover, this guide includes the top five things people are eager to see in a new Terraria game.

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A house by the shore in Terraria.
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Terraria 2 latest news

Rumours about the development of Terraria 2 have been on the internet ever since 2012, the year after the release of the first Terraria game. Over a decade later, in 2023, the situation with Terraria 2 does not look more clear. Re-Logic still has not announced the release of Terraria 2. So, let’s look through the history to find out whether Terraria 2 is possible.

Talking about Terraria 2, it is impossible to ignore Terraria: Otherworld, which was announced in 2015 as the second project from Re-Logic. The developers worked on this project for a few years, but in April 2018, announced that it would terminate the development of the game.

A few years after that, in 2021, developers announced that they will work on Terraria: Otherworld again. The game is being developed for PC and Mac, but is likely to get the console versions too. Moreover, they used the same trailer from 2015 in the official announcement, meaning that the concept of the new Terraria game will remain the same as it was planned a few years ago.

Since 2021, there have been no official updates about Terraria 2. Re-Logic is still releasing new updates for the classic Terraria. But in February 2022, Re-Logic, on its official Twitter set a geolocation of Terraria 2 - A New Age. It created a new wave of discussion about the new Terraria game and divided game fans into two camps. The first ones support the release of Terraria 2, and the second ones reject the release, saying that developers were joking with the community.

As soon as the hype about Terraria 2 calmed down, the developers tweeted again, in which they asked people what they should add in the Terraria 1.4.4 update. After that, they started to respond to many comments saying "Terraria 2."

It seems that developers simply want to create excitement about the release of Terraria 2. In satirical form, they try to find the feedback and check if the idea of releasing the new Terraria 2 is widely requested. This way, they want to find the most appropriate time to release a new Terraria game.

However, Re-Logic is a small team of 11 developers who have worked on the same project for their entire careers. Therefore, the development of a new Terraria game takes not only all their time but also money. So, it is evident that Terraria 2 will not be released until it is needed.

Talking about the particular release date, the earliest date for the new Terraria game is early 2025 at best.

Things we want to see in Terraria 2

Since there is a high chance that Terraria 2 might be announced soon, it is time to discover five of the best things people want to see in the new Terraria game. Even though some of this might seem obvious, true Terraria fans will highly appreciate them in the next game.

More bosses

Ordinary bosses in Terraria might appear too straightforward if you have not chosen the expert difficulty while creating the world. Therefore, most experienced players add bosses to Terraria using various mods. It would be best to solve this problem by adding more dangerous bosses to Terraria 2.

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More items

There's no such thing as too many items in Terraria, even if the developers add thousands of new items to the game. Item mods are the most widely requested and popular modifications in Terraria, so it makes sense to add even more in a seuqel.

NPC quests improvement

Even though NPC quests are present in Terraria, they are limited to a single Angler, who offers you to catch a specific fish. Many players are waiting for an NPC update, with more diversified versions of quests. It would be best for every NPC to have specific quests that they can offer you for the reward.

Endless world

One of the most significant disadvantages of Terraria is that it does not feature an endless world like Minecraft. Even though it might be pretty challenging for 11 developers to implement endless world functions in the game, many players hope to see this vital change in the next Terraria game, perhaps with procedurally generated realms.

Terraria atmosphere

The main reason for such significant popularity of Terraria is its atmosphere. It's a childhood favourite for many people worldwide. Therefore, even though fans want to see significant gameplay improvement, the core mechanics and visual design in the game should remain the same, to save Terraria's unique vibe.

That’s it for our look at the release of Terraria 2. As you can see, Re-Logic makes a few announcements on Terraria 2 every year, hinting to us that the release of the new Terraria game is closer and closer. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best Terraria mods.

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