Minecraft 2 - News and what we'd love to see

A Minecraft Sniffer, icy biome, and furniture.

A Minecraft Sniffer, icy biome, and furniture.

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Is Minecraft 2 on the way? Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever. Developed by Mojang Studios, Minecraft takes place in a procedurally generated three-dimensional world with virtually infinite terrain. Players can discover biomes, extract raw materials, craft tools and items, and build structures. Depending on your chosen game mode, players can fight hostile mobs, as well as cooperate with or compete against other players in the same world.

As a sandbox game, Minecraft has no required goals for players to accomplish to proceed in the game, giving them the freedom to play the game however they choose. It's up to the player how they want to encounter certain places and mobs within the game. Since there have been Minecraft spin-off games and more content updates over the years, the game is sure to maintain its popularity and fandom in the gaming community.

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Minecraft 2 latest news

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic back in 2020, Minecraft has resurged stronger than ever. That's thanks to the phenomenon of Minecraft YouTuber Dream and his popular survival multiplayer, Dream SMP. This brought Minecraft to have more active users than at any point in its history. It even surpasses its competitor, Roblox with Minecraft's 200 billion views on the video content platform.

2023 will be a huge year for Minecraft with its upcoming "Unnamed Update" which brings big changes and new content for players to relish in. This includes chiseled bookshelves, a bamboo wood set, camels, and the winning mob vote, which is the Sniffer. These may be just a few secrets revealed by Mojang, however, they're keeping quiet on other updates to make sure everything's final and running smoothly before announcing other inclusions of this mysterious unnamed update.

In line with that, it seems that Mojang isn't slowing down anytime soon with its content and support for Minecraft. A sequel is definitely not in the works yet, besides the upcoming action-strategy spinoff game Minecraft Legends planned to be released this 2023.

Five things we want to see in Minecraft 2


With only skins and armour as Minecraft "clothes" for players, it would certainly be interesting to have more fashion choices for players in-game. From sweaters, boots, jeans, and even wearable dresses, having clothes would help in further expressing one's style.

The issue with skins, though, is that it does take a while to create customised skins. But having clothes, it would be seamless for players to get their outfits ready in a flash. These could be crafted from wool and string and can simply be changed in colour using the various dyes Minecraft has.

Minecraft interior decorated with quartz and paintings.
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More furniture and decorative items

Minecraft allows players to create anything they want to make with the use of their skills in-game and endless imagination. A lot of players knew the struggle of having to make chairs out of stair blocks, and tables out of fences and trap doors. In a sequel game, we hope to see more decorative blocks that are useful and aesthetically pleasing. This would give players more options to decorate their base and help in bringing the ideas of players to life.

In terms of furniture, these could include actual tables, chairs, drawers, cabinets, and more lighting fixtures. While for decorations, these can be more flower variations, plants like succulents, pictures that could use in-game screenshots, chandeliers, and even sculptures.

Three Minecraft mobs from the 2020 Minecraft mob vote.
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Credit: Mojang Studios

Integrating mobs from past mob votes

The Minecraft community goes wild every year during mob vote season. For the past few years, players have come to love and lose different mobs that are supposed to be added to the game via the mob vote system. Usually, the winning mob eventually gets added to the game, while mobs that don't win are discarded. Imagine if the losing mobs still could be added to the game but at a later date! This would increase the diversity of Minecraft's features and change the gameplay.

Players could've had the cute cottage-core Moobloom, the ominous Glare, the magical Great Hunger, and the shy Tuff Golem. Though, one does understand the system of the mob vote which allows the community to best pick the mob majority of players want. However, giving a chance for these other mobs to be added eventually would certainly improve the Minecraft experience.

Two Minecraft wolves sitting down.
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More wolf types

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Everyone knows how cats have varied breeds in Minecraft. For wolves though, they all look the same with no design variation. Players have been asking for a while now to have more wolf variations, but Mojang still hasn't delivered on this.

There could be wolf types to having actual domestic dogs in-game, similar to ocelots and cats. But if Mojang does want to retain the wolf mob already present, perhaps there could be simply coloured variations.

A Minecraft ancient city filled with Deep Dark blocks.
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Adding more biomes

The overworld and Nether have multiple biomes that can alter gameplay for Minecraft players when encountering them. With the release of the Deep Dark update, Minecraft has become more and more exciting lore-wise, especially with the Warden, which is even more of a tank-build than the Ender Dragon, making it a definite horror update to the game. This goes to show how biomes have made playing Minecraft more adventurous and entertaining.

With more biomes, Minecraft could better explore its universe and give players more opportunities to invest in the game and narrative. Biomes that seem otherwordly like the Deep Dark could definitely increase the story's impact. Imagine biomes that reach the skies and outer space, to those of sea colonies. More biomes would mean more adventures for Minecraft players.

A group of Minecraft players in an azalea biome.
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Proximity voice chat

Only seen through mods, a proximity voice chat would be a major game-changer in Minecraft. Proximity voice chats are basically voice chats that adjust according to the distance players are from one another. So if you're nearer to another player, you can hear them louder than being far away from them.

As most people use Discord to voice-call with fellow players, having a built-in voice chat for the game that has a proximity feature would make it more convenient for Minecraft players to interact in the game. Plus, it would make the playing experience more immersive, as proximity voice chat can simulate real-life communication.

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