The best Minecraft seeds 1.19.3 (April 2023)

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A Minecraft world with green marshland, willow trees, and wooden structures.
April 10, 2023: Here are the best Minecraft seeds.

With an ever-growing list of biomes, mobs and drops, it’s becoming more important to ensure you’re using the best Minecraft seed to start your world. There is nothing more disheartening than running up and down mountains for hundreds of blocks at a time, trying to find somewhere good to set up your house.

It doesn't matter if you're the dedicated builder, on the lookout for fresh building materials, or perhaps the resident baker; there will always be a Minecraft seed that is best suited to your needs.

This list has compiled some of the best worlds, whether you’re looking for easy access to the new Deep Dark and Ancient City biomes, or perhaps just somewhere cool to call home. All of these have been tested in the 1.19.2 update.

Best Minecraft seeds (1.19.3)

Lush Cave and Axolotl Playground

Seed Code -1058557249

A Minecraft cave with axolotls, with a much bigger cave behind it.
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There is a huge, amazing cave to the right; but the axolotls do come first.

This seed spawns you on top of a cliff, looking out into the ocean. If you carefully scale down the cliff face or even jump straight down, you’ll find yourself at the exposed entrance to a huge Lush Cave. A unique biome, that is filled with rich resources for all of those players who like to incorporate nature into their builds.

The ocean pouring in from the front provides an easy way to get in and out of the deeper cave, and you can quickly progress through the tools as there is both a forest and plenty of exposed ore here. Whether you decide to build an intricate cave home, overlooking the ocean with the axolotls, or loot the cave for all it’s worth and then sail across the ocean never to return; it’s probably the easiest access you’ll ever find to a Lush Cave.

Deep Dark and Dripstone Cave

Seed Code: -1895276179

A large Minecraft cave, with lava at the bottom.
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Chuck a bucket of water down and you've got an easy way down there.

There are few more terrifying moments in Minecraft, than jumping across a small dip only to see a huge cave gaping beneath your feet. With the new update, caves are deeper and grander than ever, with new biomes like the Deep Dark. With a bit of exploration, this cave has a myriad of wonders inside of it.

For those who aren’t avid cavers, there is a savannah village nearby with plenty of loot to help you start your adventure. With a variety of different forest biomes close by to provide different types of wood for building, this is a great seed for resource collecting.

Dripstone Village

Seed Code: -1557631284

A Minecraft village at the bottom of a ravine, with the opening to a large cave behind it.
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You can become the local Moleman.

This is the seed for all of you cave-dwelling builders out there. Behind this curiously spawned village is a lovely, round Dripstone Cave. Although access out of this ravine is rather limited, why would you ever need to leave? You have water here for fishing, villagers here for company, and even some chickens spawning for all of your egg-related needs.

Pirate Village

Seed Code: 3153934843

A Minecraft village beside the ocean, with a pirate ship in the docks.
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Ahoy there!

This is one of those truly exceptional seeds. You spawn in right by a large village, self-sustaining with multiple crop fields as well as hay bales and a blacksmith. But the thing that makes this truly special is the ship that has spawned not only above water, but perfectly in the village docks.

If you turn around and explore away from it, you will quickly come across an abandoned village, filled with cobwebs and zombie villagers alike. But that’s not all. If you go through the pirate village and explore the forests ahead, you’ll find a huge cave system with a mineshaft (388, -30, 647).

Mangrove Beach

Seed Code: 3546842701776989958

A Minecraft beach, surrounded by mangrove forest.
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We bring you only the finest real estate here.

The swamp biome has finally received the care that it deserves in the latest update, with the introduction of the mangroves! Not only are the trees here unique in the way that they grow, but this is also the home of the highly anticipated mob spawn; frogs. The beaches are surrounded by warm ocean biomes, giving this spawn a tropical feel.

However, this spawn isn’t just a pretty base location. If you travel away from the ocean and into the desert biome found past the mangroves, then you’ll find a cave entrance. Almost immediately in this cave is a huge mineshaft (177, 28, 127), filled with chests and mob spawners alike.

From Village to Ancient City

Seed Code: -4651105460712845864

A dark, underground Minecraft city.
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Sorry for how gloomy this picture came out, it's dark down here.

This seed is a must for anyone who is looking to take on the new, and incredibly rare, Ancient City biome. You will spawn in a normal village in the middle of the forest. With a little bit of exploration and digging, you’ll come across a cave entrance underneath a Mooshroom that leads you down into the abyss.

We won’t spoil too much about what to expect in this new biome, but there are a ton of exclusive blocks and loot alike that can only be found here. Make sure you come prepared though!

Lush Hollow Mountain

Seed Code: 8486672581758651406

A huge Minecraft cave, lit up by berries.
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Who needs sunlight when you're surrounded by Glow Berries?

Minecraft isn’t known for its breathtaking views, but this seed alone is here to challenge that. This cave is just begging for a base to be built inside of it, with the natural lighting from the berries and the cascading waterfalls plunging down into the abyss below. The cave is abundant in ores and resources.

Whether you’re a seasoned miner, or this is your first time dwelling underneath the mountains, this is an exceptional location.

Villages and Pyramids

Seed Code: 6630997395534342573

A Minecraft village in the desert, beside the ocean.
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Who said the desert couldn't have any water in it?

Sometimes Minecraft seeds start you in an interesting location, and sometimes they start you with lots of resources. This seed is somehow both. Spawn is almost exactly between two desert villages, situated very close to each other. They have crops, as well as being plentiful in hay bales and temples alike.

But that’s not all. There is a huge cave opening between them for all of the keen miners who find themselves here, with plenty of exposed ore and winding caverns. A warm ocean surrounds them, as well as rich jungle biomes for all of your wood needs.

Secluded Jungle Coves

Seed Code: 2825049098349321056

A large Minecraft lake, surrounded by jungle biomes and some lava spilling into it.
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My mate Steve said that he swore he saw a Stegosaurus over the hill.

This seed has an almost prehistoric feel to it. With a dense bamboo jungle biome that stretches as far as the eye can see, thinning out into nice, open plains that run along the top of the cliff structures, there are plenty of interesting places to set up a base.

But this seed spawn isn’t just surface level. If you hop into the caves, you’ll quickly find yourself swallowed by huge caverns and the Deep Dark. They stretch for miles out into the ocean, which can be accessed through the arches of the cove, giving hours of exploration straight off the bat.

Mangrove Swamp Village

Seed Code: 15481123724087486

A Minecraft village, surrounded by swamp that looks very pretty in the sunset.
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+ 10
Get in my swamp

This delightful little village is quite the rare spawn. Currently, there is no way for a village to spawn in the mangroves, however, here we find ourselves a little loophole. It has spawned on a patch of grassland that’s surrounded by mangroves, giving it that brief bit of space needed in order to exist.

There is access to the ocean nearby, as well as mountains and even more plains nearby. If you’re looking for an established base from which to explore the new biome, this could be the one.

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