Rainbow Six Siege 2 - News and what we'd love to see

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Multiple characters in Rainbow Six Siege.
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One of the hottest topics in the gaming community is Rainbow Six Siege 2 news. Even though it might seem that most players have switched to Fortnite, Apex Legends, or Call of Duty, the statistics show otherwise. The game still has a stable community that plays the game regularly.

Read this guide, and you will find out everything that is known about Rainbow Six Siege 2. There will be Rainbow Six Siege 2 news and what we’d love to see, rumours, and other things that can be interesting to fans.


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Rainbow Six Siege 2 latest news

Even though rumours about Rainbow Six Siege 2 are still widely discussed on the internet, the reality is disappointing. In 2021, during a discussion about the future of the game, the creative director of Rainbow Six Siege announced that the company does not have any plans to release a sequel for Rainbow Six Siege.

After this announcement, on the official Twitter account of Rainbow Six Siege appeared a disappointing Tweet that says, “Siege is an evolving game - the Siege of the future will be dramatically different from today's Siege, to the point where we could call it Siege 2. However, as a team, we strongly believe we can bring about these changes in an incremental way within the current Siege framework.”

Since this time, there have been no official comments on Rainbow Six Siege 2. The developers continue working on the previous title, releasing new content to the game. But if you look at statistics, you will find out that the game is nowhere near losing its popularity entirely.

In July 2021, when this announcement was made, the average monthly online was 53,474. In November 2022, the average online was 23,470, which is half of a year ago. Also, in January 2022, when the online situation only worsened, Ubisoft decided to change the creative director of Rainbow Six Siege.


So, there is a slight chance that the developers might change their plans and release Rainbow Six Siege 2 in the future. Even though they promised to regularly update Rainbow Six Siege and make this game so good that people will not require the sequel, it seems that everything is not going according to plan. The game is losing its players, and the best way to keep it alive is to release a sequel.

Even though it is pretty challenging to talk about a particular release date, the most likely date for Rainbow Six Siege 2 is 2026. The first Rainbow Six Siege was developed in 21 months, and it seems that three years will be entirely enough to develop a new Rainbow Six Siege game.

Five things we want to see in Rainbow Six Siege 2

If you head to Reddit and various other gaming forums, you will find out that players are actively suggesting different update ideas for Rainbow Six Siege 2, despite the fact that the game is not under development. Continue reading the guide, and you will find out the top five things people want to see in Rainbow Six Siege 2.

Game engine changes

Rainbow Six Siege is running on the AnvilNext 2.0 game engine. It is an in-house engine used by Ubisoft, and it requires improvements to keep up with modern game engines. Even though this request for Rainbow Six Siege 2 might sound evident, many fans are eager to get improved graphics in the new Rainbow Six Siege game.


Rebalanced agents

If Rainbow Six Siege 2 gets released with the old agents presented in its predecessor, nobody will be interested in the game. It wouldn't differ from Rainbow Six Siege. Working on a sequel, Ubisoft therefore has to make significant changes to the agents system. In addition to adding new agents, it would be best to alter and rebalance the old ones. Also, the developers should take care not to make new agents overpowered.

New maps

Like with most shooters, in Rainbow Six Siege, more than half of the maps are not even worth your attention. People play on Clubhouse, Chalet, Kafe, Bank, and other maps, ignoring Outback, Favela, Stadium, and others. In Rainbow Six Siege 2, it would be best to delete all unpopular maps and add new ones instead of them. Even though the decision might sound too controversial, it can significantly improve the gameplay.

New game modes

Adding new game modes is the most widespread requirement not only for Rainbow Six Siege 2 but for any upcoming shooter game. A new game mode is the best way to diversify the game and attract new players. Moreover, many old players would return to the game to test new modes, perhaps finding a new favourite.


Crossplay was one of the most anticipated features in Rainbow Six Siege. The developers added it to the game only recently, but with a significant disadvantage. Crossplay features are not supported on PC. Therefore, you can play with your console friends only using consoles. In Rainbow Six Siege 2, many people expect to see the complete version of crossplay.


That’s it for our look at the Rainbow Six Siege 2 release. Even though the developers made various announcements stating that dreams about the sequel will never come true, this could change down the line. Whhile you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to improve aim on all weapons in Rainbow Six Siege.