Rainbow Six Siege: How to unlock gold camo for weapons

Rainbow Six: Siege gets a huge new update next month with Operation Void Edge, which is sure to bring new players into the tactical shooter.

What better way to welcome them than by killing them in style with your weapon of choice, adorned in gold camo.

Here's how to get your bling on.

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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Get Gold Camo

Before we start, it's worth checking when you bought Rainbow Six Siege.

If you're a Tom Clancy superfan and preordered the game, you may well find Gold camo in your inventory already as they were offered as preorder bonuses.

While they used to be solely available that way, you can now pick up the entire set as part of the Doorkicker pack.

Unfortunately, you'll need to spend around £20 to unlock it, so you'll really want to be set on showing off.

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