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Even though the game is so popular, there is nearly no Dota 3 news or official plans to continue the Dota series. Dota 2 is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular and widely discussed video games. The major Dota event, The International, is always in the top ten tournaments in the world. It reaches more than a million viewers every year, which is an incredible number for a game available only for PC.

Dota 3 sounds like a silly joke and nothing more for most Dota 2 players. They simply can not see an alternative to the game they have played for years. Read this guide, and you will find out about Dota 3 news and what we’d love to see in the new Dota game.

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Dota 3 latest news

Many players consider believe that Dota 3 was basically released when Dota 2 was transferred to the Source 2 engine. Even though the new engine changed many aspects of Dota and made the game look better, it doesn't mean that Dota 2 was transformed into Dota 3. Dota 3 is a separate game that will be a continuation of the Dota series.

That there has been no mention of Dota 3 by any officials from Valve. Some news agencies posted a piece of information about Dota 3 in April 2022, but this seems to have been an April Fool's joke.

The key thing to consider is that Dota 3 is not requested by the community nowadays. Therefore, developing Dota 3 will be a waste not only of money but also of time. There is no reason for Valve to start working on it. Instead, the company is entirely focused on developing Dota 2, putting much effort into this project.

Also, one more reason why Dota 3 will remain only a rumour for long years is that Valve had a bad experience with Dota: Underlords. Even though the project got a wave of hype at first, the gaming community rejected Dota: Underlords. Dota 2 players only want to play Dota 2. They are ready to spend thousands of hours on the same map, pushing the opponent’s central tower.

The reason why Dota 3 might be released is that Dota 2 may one day lose popularity and not bring in money. This seems unlikely, however.

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Things we want to see in Dota 3

Even though Dota 3 is unlikely to be released in the next few years, people still have some exciting ideas for the new Dota game. Below, you can find the best changes people want to see in Dota 3.

New heroes

Although there are already 123 playable heroes in Dota 2, Dota fans still want to get more heroes in further updates, and the new Dota game. In addition to heroes, players also want to see them more balanced. Nowadays, there are 20 to 30 meta characters, and people with high MMR use them more often than others. We hope that if tae new Dota game gets released, it will feature a more balanced hero system where you can use your favourite character in spite of the matchmaking.

More items

Once you start playing Dota 2, items seem to be the most challenging part of the game. Opting for the best item to empower your hero’s strong points is challenging. But as you get more experience, you find that most heroes in Dota use approximately the same item combinations. Therefore, in a new Dota game, people are eager for more items that can diversify the gameplay.

Active patrol

One of the most significant problems of Dota is its toxic community. In most matches, you lose only because a toxic person in your team tries to ruin the game a few seconds after the round gets started. The main issue is that these people do not get banned and can continue playing the game. Valve simply needs to make patrol alive again to fix this issue.

Better graphics

One of the main requirements for a new Dota game is better graphics. Even though it might sound easy, most Dota players are not ready to update their PC to enjoy Dota in better quality. They are more likely to decrease graphics settings as much as possible to reach the best performance. Therefore, Valve should find a perfect balance between image and optimisation, which might appear challenging.

That’s it for our look at Dota 3! It is pretty challenging to imagine the conditions in which a new Dota game will be widely requested in the gaming industry. Therefore, the most likely option is that Dota 3 will never be available to play, even though its release might entirely change the game industry. While you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to repick in Dota 2.

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