DOTA 2: How To Gift Items

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The act of giving items to other players in DOTA 2 is very much often being done to promote camaraderie and strengthen the bond of players, especially if he or she is your friend.

There are just a few steps that you need to do in order to send the items that you want to give. But once are all done, then you may then be able to provide joy to others by doing so.


So, here’s how to gift items in DOTA 2.

How To Gift Items In DOTA 2

Log in first your Steam account and open the Steam window afterwards.

Then choose the ‘Games’ option, followed by ‘Manage Gifts’, and lastly the ‘Guest Passes’ option.


Then select one of your available DOTA 2 gifts and click ‘Send.’ Take note that those items which are not expired could be sent to the account where you want to give the item.

You may also do it by sending it via email through Steam.

And that’s it! You may now gift items in DOTA 2.

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