DOTA 2: How To Deny Creeps

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The gameplay mechanics in DOTA 2 could somehow be more complicated compared to other MOBA games out there. But if you manage to learn those, then it may provide a smooth gaming experience to you.

With that, players may tend to be curious about how they can deny creeps in the game. Although this may sound like an easy thing to do, you have to put up some things first before you may do so.


So, here’s how to deny creeps in DOTA 2.

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How To Deny Creeps In DOTA 2

Go to your game’s settings and look for the Unit Actions option. Click it, then left-click the unit that you wish to deny during a game.


But you should take note that you can only deny if:

  • Creep has an HP of below 50%
  • Tower has an HP of below 10%
  • Hero has an HP of below 25%

And after you take all of these into consideration, then you may now deny all of these game aspects in DOTA 2.

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