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A man is standing  on top a car, surrounded by zombies in Project Zomboid.

A man is standing  on top a car, surrounded by zombies in Project Zomboid.

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Project Zomboid was met with critical and commercial acclaim, so it would be no surprise if a Project Zomboid 2 release date was ever announced. It is a survival horror game that has an emphasis on looting and creating a safe and solid base. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world, where a zombie virus has spread and taken over the area of Knox County. The military has blown the bridges in an attempt to stop the virus from breaching the exclusion zone. Unfortunately, this means that the survivors are left behind too.

Project Zomboid was released in early access, and has seen a huge amount of reworking since. The developers have added foraging mechanics, 3D character models, and even weather builds. Therefore, expectations for a sequel would be undeniably high.

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Project Zomboid 2 latest news

The developers have stated in posts on Steam that they do not anticipate the studio making another zombie survival RPG after Project Zomboid. This is because they want to try something else, which is understandable considering how much work has gone into Project Zomboid. They have already spent almost a decade on the game, and it’s seen a complete overhaul compared to how it launched in early access.

However, they have also stated that they would have no issues with another company making the sequel instead. If Project Zomboid continues to grow in popularity, then it’s possible it will attract the attention of a studio willing to do this. Of course, the developers will only allow this if they get enough input to make the sequel faithful to what the fans love.

For now, we can only discuss what features we would love to see implemented in Project Zomboid 2, or even the current game, in the future.

Things we'd like to see in Project Zomboid 2

A guy is crouched next to a van in Project Zomboid.
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Credit: Steam
If this much is put into the cars, it can be transferred into hydro-electric engineering

Advanced building and engineering

With the fall of civilisation, it is only inevitable that the infrastructure eventually falls too. In Project Zomboid, you experience the electricity grid and water systems slowly failing, until it’s only you and the gas generators left. However, there are multiple ways that survivors would be able to build something a little more renewable. Whether it be in windmills or watermills, both technologies were very well established by the 90s, even in America.

The engineering shouldn’t stop there, though. The addition of wells would create a stable water source, especially if the group couldn’t set up a base beside a natural body of water. There could even be an option to reinstate an electric grid as an end-game task for players. This would help build a sense of community, in building somewhere that has stable electricity and plumbing.

It would also encourage players to keep exploring and building outside of the base. This becomes a huge problem once you’ve created a sustainable home. You have little reason to go outside anymore, as the only thing out there is the chance of death. This slows down the gameplay significantly. By introducing end-game goals like this, it ensures that the character will always have a duty to complete on the other side of the walls.

A player is crouched down in the kitchen in Project Zomboid. They are surrounded by food.
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Credit: Steam
All this food and no way to properly store it.

Being able to preserve food

When you’re in a harsh survival environment, it’s so important to have the basics covered at all times. This includes access to the big three: food, warm shelter, and water. Most people aren’t very knowledgeable when it comes to aspects like farming, foraging, and hunting. This makes it vital to be able to make any food you do find last as long as possible.

Currently, Project Zomboid does have freezers. However, food will still perish after being stored in there for a little while. There is no way to cure or dry meat to make it last longer either. Once you have perishable food, you have to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t go rotten.

A great addition to Project Zomboid 2 would be the ability to make food last longer. This would be a great quality-of-life improvement for the game and would help to make organisation just a little easier.

A player is fighting waves of zombies on a rooftop in Project Zomboid.
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Credit: Steam
Next, give us hay bales underneath these high points.

Elevation changes

While the map in Project Zomboid is fantastic, it is very noticeably flat. All of the roads and houses are on the same level, and there is no way to get a natural vantage point to check out the area. This is important in survival games as you like to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

However, this would be almost impossible to do in the current engine. Project Zomboid 2 would have to use an entirely different build if it wanted to implement things like mountains and valleys. The way it would transform the gameplay, though, cannot be understated. It would allow for things such as treehouses, basements, and even natural defences like cliffs and even beaches.

A player is farming in Project Zomboid. There are hoards of zombies closing in on them.
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Credit: Steam
Look how easily a cow would fit in here.


The world of Project Zomboid is very quiet. Not only because there’s no city left, and sometimes no electricity, but also no animals. When you’re exploring the world you can come across these huge, beautiful farmhouses with places to store cows, horses, and even pigs. But as of Build 41, there are no animals in the game.

With farm animals, the base would have access to whole different types of food groups. Cows could provide milk, which in turn can be turned into butter and cheese. Pigs can be farmed for their meat, and chickens can provide eggs. Of course, these are noisy and can attract zombies to the base, but that’s fair balancing.

It would add a lot to Project Zomboid 2 to have companion animals, too. If you want to have a dog or a cat to keep you company, you will need to be able to feed them. They’ll require a steady supply of meat-based food. This could be from the farm animals above, or from hunting and trapping wild animals.

The player is outside a shop, FARMING AND RURAL SUPPLIES, in Project Zomboid.
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Credit: Steam
Ladders would make this shop so much safer to loot.


The final thing Project Zomboid 2 needs is ladders. At the moment, the main way to get between floors is by using sheet ropes. These can break, as well as being destroyed by zombies. There are ladders around the town, and we know that people at least had knowledge of them in the 90s.

Ladders would make exploration so much easier. You would be able to climb to the roof of a building, or even just the first floor up, easily from the outside. This could even have great uses around the base, making it possible to create areas without the need for a full staircase.

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