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Three characters in Persona 5.

Three characters in Persona 5.

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The more time goes on, the more frequently Persona 6 news appears on the internet. Persona, also known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, is a series of role-playing video games inspired by Jungian psychology. Moreover, Persona games even draw some characters from the writings of the legendary psychoanalyst.

In this hub, you'll learn the latest Persona 6 news and everything we’d love to see in the newest Persona game. There will be not only official comments from the developers, but also various rumours and subjective opinions about Persona 6.

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Persona 6 latest news

The character in Persona 5.
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Rumours about the release of Persona 6 appeared even after Persona 5 came first to consoles. It is one of Altus’s most widely discussed projects, sharing first place with Etrian Odyssey. Many people started creating Persona 6 update ideas even in 2018, when the release of this game still sounded like a joke, not only for developers but also for players.

The first major informal news on Persona 6 was in October this year. During Persona's 25th Anniversary celebration, the developers announced the massive release of Persona 3 and 4 to all consoles, and the release of a Persona 5 Royale card game. Even though many people were upset that the developers did not announce Persona 6, they hinted that the game was under development at the end of the event.

“It is also with great sadness that we must bring an end to the everlasting momentum of Persona's 25th anniversary. With the 'Persona Super Live P-Sound Wish 2022: Crossing Journeys' live concert, we would like to conclude it. There are so many things I would like to tell you, but I deeply apologise for not being able to do so on this occasion. I would like to share them with you at the right time, so please look forward to more information about the Persona series in the future.”

Moreover, during a recent interview with Denfa Minico Gamer, Atlus director Mitsuru Hirata announced that the developers are working on some undisclosed games. Even though there are no more particular comments on the undisclosed game, most fans think the upcoming unrevealed project is Persona 6.

Unfortunately, it is pretty challenging to talk about the particular release date for Persona 6. If you look back to history, you will find that in 2019 the developers were only working on the mid- to long-term plan for developing games. Therefore, the development of Persona 6 may not have even started yet. Moreover, Atlus publicly announced they are simultaneously working on a few projects.

So, the new Persona game could not be released any sooner than 2024 at best. Such information disappoints many people waiting for the legendary franchise’s continuation.

Five things we want to see in Persona 6

The character in a Persona 5 action sequence.
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Continue reading this guide, and you will discover the top five things people want to see in Persona 6. There will be minor updates and valuable changes that can significantly improve the in-game experience.

PC availability

Although the release of Persona 6 on PC sounds unrealistic, it is one of the most frequently requested changes for the new Persona game. Unfortunately, at the moment of writing, a PC release is extremely unlikely. However, PC ports of previous Persona games means it could happen. Right now though, it's impossible to say.

Character customisation

One of the things lacking in previous Persona games is character customisation. Even though it is pretty challenging to imagine the complete customisation in Persona 6 given the art style, people at least want to have the opportunity to change the main hero’s background history and physical capabilities. It is a minor change but can significantly improve the in-game experience.

Better graphics

Better graphics is a requirement not only for Persona 6 but for any other upcoming fresh release. Generally, there are many ways how Atlus can update the graphics in the new Persona game. So, there is nearly no doubt that we will see a new level of game graphics in Persona 6.

Female protagonist

A female protagonist is completely lacking in Persona 4 and 5. The last time we had a female protagonist in Persona 3 Portable, which was pretty long ago. Nowadays, people want to see a female protagonist in Persona 6. According to various leaks, Altus is already working on a new female protagonist, and it is one of the main changes planned to be released in the new Persona game. However, taking this leak with a grain of salt would be best.

Interesting story

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Persona video games is the exciting storyline. The Persona series includes video games that can be replayed even ten times without losing interest. Many people hope that the new Persona 6 will not lose its main feature and will be released with an exciting storyline.

That’s it for our look at Persona 6 news. Even though the developers hint to us that they are working on the project, there is no particular release date for the game.

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