Hearthstone 2 - News and what we'd love to see

Promotional art from the first Hearthstone game.

Promotional art from the first Hearthstone game.

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Right now, many players are interested in Hearthstone 2 news. Blizzard Entertainment is one of the most famous game developers in the world, having released such series as Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch. One of its most successful titles is Hearthstone.

Hearthstone is an incredibly addictive card game that has fairly simple gameplay. But the more you play, the more skilfully you will be able to use your cards in battle. Moreover, the developers are constantly releasing updates that improve the game and add new features. Many players wonder whether Blizzard Entertainment will release a sequel to their card game. Therefore, in this hub, we will tell you everything we know about Hearthstone 2 and what we'd love to see.

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Two characters are fighting each other in Hearthstone.
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Hearthstone 2 latest news

Unfortunately, Blizzard Entertainment is unlikely to be planning a sequel, since the potential of Hearthstone has not yet been fully revealed. There are several reasons for this.

First, even eight years after its release, the game is still actively developed and improved. Blizzard Entertainment is experimenting with different modes and adding new maps. It is quite enough so that the players do not get tired of playing these card games.

The second reason is tied to the first. The more developers improve the game, the more popular it becomes. In recent years, Hearthstone has begun to play a significant role in esports. There have already been many tournaments for this game, and there will be even more in the future.

So we don't see any point for Blizzard Entertainment to suddenly spend money and time developing a sequel. It can only happen if all players quit playing Hearthstone. But of course, this is unlikely to ever happen.

What we'd love to see in Hearthstone 2

Multiple characters in Hearthstone.
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While there's no official word from Blizzard Entertainment about the development of Hearthstone 2, we can't deny that a sequel could one day come out. It could happen in a couple of years or 10 years or more. So we have listed five things we would like to see in Hearthstone 2!

Balance improvement

Even though the developers change the game balance with each update, there is one thing that consistently annoys players. Of course, we're talking about the most effective and stable deck, Face Hunter. All players, at least ones faced with an opponent using this deck, hate it. For some reason, despite regular updates, this deck remains just as effective.

Therefore, it would be cool if there really was a balance in Hearthstone 2. Also, everyone would be happy if Blizzard Entertainment began to listen to the opinions of its players.

More classes

In the original game, players can choose from 11 different classes that you can also see in World of Warcraft. This is not enough, so Blizzard Entertainment should add more classes to Hearthstone 2. Moreover, we think something like multiclass would be a cool feature in a sequel.

Co-op modes

In Hearthstone, players are used to one-on-one battles. But just imagine how much the gameplay would change if there are not two players on the field but four. You'd have the opportunity to use completely new strategies, but your opponents would also be able to do the same. Therefore, we believe that co-op battles should be present in Hearthstone 2.

More strong bosses

Those players who started playing immediately after the release of Hearthstone remember the original bosses with awe and horror. Back then, even defeating the boss in 100 attempts was already a good result. Unfortunately, with each update the boss battles are getting easier and easier. Therefore, we would be happy if we could see difficult bosses again in the sequel.

Improved campaign

The campaign in Hearthstone was also much better when the game first launched. Since Warcraft is the basis, it would be cool if we could learn more details about this universe through battles in the sequel. Also, we believe that the developers should always give players the freedom to use their decks, so every battle will become a real challenge.

That's all we know so far about the news of Hearthstone 2. So far, Blizzard Entertainment has not announced the development of a sequel, so don't get your hopes up! While you're still here, make sure to check our list of the best multiplayer games for Android!

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